Divinity Original Sin 2 Preview - Can I Get an Amen

Divinity Original Sin 2 Preview - Can I Get an Amen

Divinity: Original Sin 2 looks to be an even more complex version of the original with an emphasis on building a world that reacts naturally to each character. New races and origin stories and more freedom of choice lead to a game where co-op can be competitive and choices dictate the narrative. This is a video game to satisfy the tabletop role-players.

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On Angry Joe on youtube the guy that made the game shows it with him in his house. Should go their if your interested in this game and want to know more.

Oh, no playable imp race stretch goal. :( I hope the undead will be as crazy as in Dragon Commander.

On a cool sidenote, the design for this female spellcaster looks pretty darn boss in particular. It also shows that you can actually make a female spellcaster in an RPG look really good without showing off half her body. >_>

It sounds like they're going for a greater focus on co-op. I still hope they find a way to make this game playable in singleplayer. Original sin managed that quite well- two different characters under full control of the player who could nevertheless be made to feel like separate entities if the player so decided.


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