Gigantic - A Shooter MOBA Of Epic Proportions

Gigantic - A Shooter MOBA Of Epic Proportions

There are certain gaming genres that seem to breed toxicity - MOBAs and Shooters being some of the worst. Gigantic, the increasingly popular f2p shooter MOBA from Motiga, plans to combat that. I sat down with Motiga CEO Chris Chung and Senior VP of Publishing David Reid at PAX Prime 2015 to discuss closed beta, community, and the future of Gigantic.

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I've played some Gigantic. It's definitely a solid game and I love the art style. It just needs a bit more tutorial-izing to be a great MOBA.

Well it certainly has an interesting art style and design. And female characters that break away from the boring sterotypes in gaming, that's a plus.

I'll keep an eye on it.

The art and design looks interesting, but if their goal is to take the toxicity out of an online competitive any game, they will fail horribly.

Taking toxicity out of a MOBA game?

I'd suggest warming up and starting small first, working on a cure for cancer and solving world hunger, you know more reasonable and achievable goals, before trying to do the outright impossible.
A noble sentiment though certainly.

As for the game itself... Art style reminds me of journey which is a good thing. Shame I'm full up on mobas though.

Looks really cool, I love games that put this much effort into their characters and style.

Hope it isn't Windows 10 exclusive though, not exactly hyped to upgrade.

For a second, I thought this was the Aladdin world of Kingdom Hearts.


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