Dragon Quest Heroes Preview - Let's Go Fight Some Monsters!

Dragon Quest Heroes Preview - Let's Go Fight Some Monsters!

Looking for a new take on the Dragon Quest series? If so, Dragon Quest Heroes will definitely fill that void and then some. The action RPG take on the familiar franchise is chock full of beloved characters and punny humor, while remaining completely accessible to players new to the series.

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I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Looks a little bit different than the average Warriors title, so that has caught my eye.

I'm glad this is happening. Though, to be honest, the music is abysmal compared to Hyrule Warriors(if it's like what we heard in this trailer). Regardless, this is going to be infinitely better than your typical warriors game. I still play the shit out of Hyrule Warriors, so I"ll take a bit more with different aspects.

I would prefer the more strategic and intelligent Dragon Warrior delivered by turn based combat, but just like so many other great IPs, they have to get "modernized" for the kiddies.

Bianca wasn't an archer, but whatever. I can forgive such glaring inconsistencies in one of my childhood RPGs involving one of my favorite characters in the entire game...

Kidding. I am looking forward to it.


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