"Vanilla" New Nintendo 3DS is Finally Coming Stateside

"Vanilla" New Nintendo 3DS is Finally Coming Stateside

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The non-XL variant of the New Nintendo 3DS (with swappable face-plates) is finally getting a US release.

Back when Nintendo first unveiled its New Nintendo 3DS, it showed us two distinct variants: the standard version, and a larger XL version. Perplexingly, when the device finally came stateside, only the larger XL model was released. This bothered a lot of fans because only the smaller, standard model had the cool swappable faceplates feature.

Well the good news for you, American Nintendo fans, is that the standard New 3DS is finally making its way stateside... albeit with a few caveats. The standard New 3DS will only be avalaible in a special Animal Crossing bundle, which comes with two Animal Crossing-themed faceplates, an Animal Crossing amiibo card, and of course a copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

The bundle will set you back $219.99, and will be released in America and Canada on September 25. The bad news is that no additional faceplates are being made available, so if you'd like to take advantage of the feature, you'll have to import your own plates from regions that sell them.

There's no word on whether or not the standard New 3DS will ever be sold in America outside of the limited edition Animal Crossing bundle, so if you want to get your hands on it, now is the time.

Source: Nintendo


I had genuinely forgotten this wasn't available in the states, and that there was a massive shortage of the new XL models too, never had either of those problems in the UK xD

Cool for people who want it. These days, I can't imagine going back to a "standard" DS size, though.

Well, fuck! I didn't ask for this!

That's because you're too used to your 3DS XL... :p

But seriously, how will this effect the 3D, considering it's onii-chan had a bigger screen to work with overall? Glob... and I thought the design of the 2DS was something to question before that came out and shit...

You do realize that the New 3DS non-XL has been existing for as long as the New 3DS XL, right? I mean, the New non-XL is only slightly longer than a regular 3DS just so that there's room for the amiibo base similar to the New XL in comparison to the regular XL... Then again, I still can't believe that we got the New XL before the New non-XL, let alone at around the same time, so the fact that it's currently only coming out in bundle form still leaves me as puzzled as the 2DS...

It's great that NOA listened to fans on how they were originally oblivious to potential customers who don't like holding the huge XLs (or can't fit an XL in their pockets). Although, it seems like they're testing the waters by making it bundle-only.

That kinda sucks for anyone who doesn't want Animal Crossing. They will have to pay more than the cost of a New 3DS XL, and figure out what to do with the download code for AC:HHD (sell/trade with a friend?), or wait until a better deal for them shows up.

Baby steps, I guess.

Wow, those faceplates are horrid. Even if I wanted one of these I would still never buy this bundle. Just. Wow.


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