Chasm Preview - 2D Dungeon Crawling Never Looked So Good

Chasm Preview - 2D Dungeon Crawling Never Looked So Good

Chasm's authentic pixel art and surprising difficulty made it a PAX Prime star.

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It looks really good for pixel art. 2D dungeon crawlers in general have looked a lot better though, in my opinion. Aquaria especially, but also Axiom Verge, Dex, Outland etc. looked a lot better and more importantly, more unique imo.

That said, it does look interesting, will be looking forward to it.

I find that I'm more attracted to how companies will animate pixels rather how the pixels looks static.
This looks a bit bippity boppity but that werewolf thing looked pretty smoothly animated. I'm interested in the premise but I'll have to wait until release to see how it turns out.


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