Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Earth-Shattering Kaboom

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Earth-Shattering Kaboom

There are intense game experiences, and then there's Steel Crate Games' VR bomb simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

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This is now the game that has sold me on VR possibilities. I like how instead of using VR for its most obvious effect, immersion, they are playing on the social dynamic between the "support" and "defuser." Here's to seeing more integration between VR and tabletop games.

This seems like a good team building game and a decent way to see how employees communicate with each other to determine where communication breaks down.

I see this as a party game. 2 teams. First team to defuse bomb wins, second team takes a shot. If bomb explodes takes 2 shots. I forsee many drunken nights

This is probably going to be massive on Twitch. I'm already imagining the shrewd betting.


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