Dreadnought's New Ships and Modules Broadside PAX

Dreadnought's New Ships and Modules Broadside PAX

I've been sold on Yager's upcoming Dreadnought since I first got to play a match, and it already seemed to have a lot to offer for a large breadth of gamers, but the latest update brings enough customization to further widen the appeal.

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I'm glad to see this is progressing nicely.

Stupidly huge ships pounding the snot out of each other is my kinda game.

This heavily reminds me of some older games which means I am probably going to adore this when it comes out. Thank you for this update!

Ya, I've been signed up for the beta-testing since it became available. I'm so glad to hear that it has a slow, methodical nature to the bigger ships and not just another MOBA that relies on haduken moments. I mean the surprise 'here are all my cooldowns' kill is fun but there is something to be said for watching your enemy helplessly flop around when they realize it's too late to avoid your broadside.

Oh my good heavens, this is one beautiful-looking game. Sleek as the rings of Saturn.


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