Facebook Working On A "Dislike" Button

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It's gonna be a like button, just not with the same name.
Basically when someone posts sad news, people can't really like it, but it. So you get a different button that is in the same spirit. "I saw your post and I almost feel something about it", thought that's a too long name.

Also I need several more buttons.
"Who the fuck are you?"
"Stop poking me!"
"Stop sending me chain mail!"
"Stop asking me to play those fucking not-games!"
"Seriously, who the fuck are you and why do you keep adding me as friends?"
"Mom stop posting embarrassing shit from 20 years ago! No one wants to see me almost naked taking a bath as a baby! Even if they want, I don't fucking want other people to see that, I don't want to see that and I don't want you or anyone else to see that, I don't want that shit to even exist!"
"Mom stop reading youtube and facebook comments and stop complaining about them to me, they just raise your blood pressure for no reason!"

Wiggum Esquilax:
The first thing to get a non-dislike? The official release of the button.

I wish I could like this comment.

This is dumb.
If you press "dislike" on the refugee story, does that mean you dislike the situation of the refugees and express your sympathies, do you dislike the refugees yammering on about their situation or the story itself because it was badly written or the authors face or what?
And what's the point of slapping a numerical value of how many people "dislike" something into someones face if it could mean so many things that it's basically meaningless and just serves to fuel a passive-aggressive fire to slowly chip away at the psyche of people?
Has the youtube comments section taught you nothing.
Downvoting is bad and unnecessary.

I only hope for an official "Meh" button, for those times when I'm not really too interested in something.

Someone's already done the work for them.

All it's missing is a Sympathize button.

I swear there used to be a dislike button before...in the long-long ago, in the far away. Back when Myspace was still big but Facebook was gaining ground, in those early days, I could have sworn there was a dislike button. Of course this could be a Berenstain Bear kind of thing where I've somehow fallen into this universe from one wherein the dislike button was a thing...Either way, I'm glad this is happening since it feels kind of weird to "like" a negative status. It kinda sends the wrong message...

YES! More tools for the allways offended to cement their rule of terror on social media!

... that's the opposite of what they're looking for. This article is just shoddy journalism.

This is dumb.
If you press "dislike" on the refugee story, does that mean you dislike the situation of the refugees and express your sympathies,

There's a reason they're not going for a dislike button. This is just a shit article.

Hmmm, so Facebook is doing a thing and I'm still not on it, so hey no skin off my nose.

Oh good - now i can piss off all the whiny liberals who think being an SJW is cool. Or that prisoners deserve rights.

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