Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Release Date Announced

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Release Date Announced

The first episode in Minecraft: Story Mode will be releasing in October.

The Order of the Stone is the first episode in Telltale's five part Minecraft: Story Mode, and will be available digitally worldwide on October 13. The Order of the Stone will be available on PC and Mac through Steam, the Telltale Online Store, and other digital distribution services, as well as PSN for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and XBL on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

On October 15, Episode 1 will arrive on iOS and Android. A physical version will be available in North America on October 27 and Europe on October 30. Each physical copy features Episode 1, along with a Season Pass that allows players to download new episodes as they are released.

Patton Oswalt and Catherine Taber voice the lead character, Jesse, with players choosing a male or female character. Additional voices include Corey Feldman, Paul Reubens, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Billy West and Dave Fennoy.

"Developed in partnership with our friends at Mojang, this all-ages adventure series kicks off a thrilling story full of many elements essential to the world of Minecraft, combined with Telltale's trademark choice-based gameplay," said Kevin Bruner, CEO and co-founder of Telltale Games. "There are plenty of exciting details we've been keeping under wraps, and we're thrilled that players will soon be starting their own adventure through the Nether to the Farlands and beyond with Jesse and The Order of the Stone."

"One of the greatest things about this project is that it gives the community a chance to interact with the world of Minecraft in a new and different way. It also marks the beginning of some exciting narrative-form content based on our game," said Lydia Winters, Brand Director at Mojang. "We worked directly with Telltale on every step of the process. Together we've created a blend of the amazing narratives that Telltale creates with all the fun and adventure you know and love from Minecraft. It's got everything: creepers, crafting, an incredible cast of characters, and even an adorable pig. How awesome does that sound?"


I've never wanted to only be able to buy single episode of a Telltale game before until this game. I'm intrigued, but I really don't want to drop 25 bucks on it for it to blow.

This seems so freaking stupid that I can't even describe it, but it will probably sell well cause little kids will see minecraft and buy it anyway

And then there'll be ten months before episode 2, because Telltale...

I'd never thought I'd say this about tell-tale but I really am not looking forward to this game...It just seems to stupid and out of place for them I'd rather they use their talent on something else...like I don't know Wolf Among Us Season 2? One of my biggest red flags is the fact that it's pushing it's "celebrity" voice actors so hard...I guess because they know they don't really have anything else to go on, the animation is very...I don't know...I guess I've just seen it too much all over youtube and I expect much better of tell-tale...ehhh I could be wrong and if the game is amazing I will happily eat these words with ice-cream but for now...no thank you

on the flipside maybe people will finally burn hard enough to stop blindly buying everything from telltale.


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