Mind-Blowing Witcher 3 Cosplay Brings the Wild Hunt to Life

Mind-Blowing Witcher 3 Cosplay Brings the Wild Hunt to Life

A team of cosplayers have made the Wild Hunt a reality in a recent Witcher 3 photo shoot.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been one of 2015's biggest gaming successes in terms of both critical acclaim and units sold. That being the case, it should serve as no surprise that it's inspired a wide variety of fan tributes including music, art and more. As grand as some Witcher 3 fan creations have been however, a set of cosplay photos has recently surfaced potentially dwarfing them all.

The pictures in question were taken by French cosplayer Kaicom and feature cosplay compatriots Kuma and Kevin "Tarrer" Thong recreating a trio of villains from the titular Wild Hunt. Using custom costumes made by Thong, the duo transformed themselves into the characters Eredin and Imlerith along with one of the Wild Hunt's henchman. We're not sure how long it took to create these costumes (we've reached out to Thong for more details), but just looking at them we're inclined to say it's somewhere in the realm of "a heck of a lot."

However much time it took, there's no arguing with the end results. These costumes look amazing and serve as a testament to how much enterprising fans can accomplish when they commit their time and skills to a project like this. Check out the photos for yourself and let us know what you think.

Source: Kaicom


Y'know, whenever I see cosplays like these I always want them to make amusing gifs...

These cosplays remind me of mighty morphine power rangers bad guy costumes, except...you know, a shade more intimidating.

Too bad the Witcher 3 failed to bring the actual characters of the Wild Hunt to life :P

Eredin... so much... such a missed opportunity. Same for the rest of the Arthas cosplayer brigade.

After the White Frost they were the worst part of the game (and reasonable level book rape).

Those are so very beautiful. Love the detail in the rust and scarring.

Those might be the best cosplay costumes I have ever seen... Hell I would pay big money for something that looked that good to wear on Halloween.

I'm curious how they made that armor, it looks too smooth to be standard expanding foam on cardboard. Maybe it's some kind of resin mold or rubber?

If I had been told those photos were screen shots, I would have believed it. Impressive work.

Wow Epic!

OT: Oh thank god, the site has updates its Gallery view.


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