Roller Coaster Tycoon World Preview - Let the Park Doors Open!

Roller Coaster Tycoon World Preview - Let the Park Doors Open!

Gorgeous graphics, free-form construction, and built-in modding support make Roller Coaster Tycoon World a welcome newcomer to the RCT series.

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I didn't have much hopes for this game when I saw the first images for this thing. The cartoony graphics looked cheap and almost exactly the same as the previous game nine years ago, except I expected even less features in this game. It didn't help that they barely offered any media of this game at all.

So I'm really glad the developers are trying to get their act together and actually make the game look appealing, but I'm still concerned. While they're going for a more realistic look, one of the things I liked about the previous game was how distinct each visitor and staff member of the parks are, and they could clearly emote and react to certain things. They don't look that nice here. And of course, I'm not sure how much of the complexity from the previous games they're going to leave intact.

If this game falls flat, at least we'll have Planet Coaster coming out next year by the exact developers who made RCT3. We'll see who ends up making a better Theme Park game.

This actually sounds good to me, I'll wait to get some reviews of the finished product first, but I think I may get this.

I especially like the sound of it being connected to the steam workshop, I look forward to seeing the cool stuff people come up with and getting inspiration for my own coaster designs.


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