Hasbro Offering $10,000 Grand Prize in "Design the Next Great Game" Contest

Hasbro Offering $10,000 Grand Prize in "Design the Next Great Game" Contest


Think you've got an idea for the next great party game? Hasbro is having a contest that could make your idea real!

Hasbro's looking for the next great party game, and they're holding a contest to find it. All you have to do is have a great idea, and you could get $10,000 (and a lot of help from Hasbro) to make it real.

If you're an aspiring table top designer, this is right up your alley. All you need to do is head over to the Hasbro Gaming Lab website and submit your idea before Sept. 30. Once all the submissions are in, Hasbro will pick five finalists. They'll help start (and promote) an Indiegogo campaign for each of the finalists. The finalists will run their campaign, and keep all the money they raise.

The grand prize winner will not only get to keep the money they raise, they'll get an additional $10,000, as well as a trip to Hasbro HQ to work with the company's game development team to bring your idea to life.

If you think you've got the game that could take the prize, you only have a few days left to get your entry in. The deadline is Sept. 30, so don't dawdle.


As with all such contests, this is a shameless attempt to get a potentially multi-million-dollar idea that will make them money forever while only having to pay a one-time fee of $10,000 for it. I can almost guarantee that all of their other games - hell, all of their other products, period - have made more money for their original creators than that, in the long term.

I have an idea, it's a fighting game, but instead of having human fighters make it different, i'm thinking animals, it'll be kid friendly and have a great art style... No wait i think that was a thing already, remember? ... Hasbro?

Side note, please check out Them's Fightin' Herds on indiegogo.

I'm guessing the question everyone would be asking to this, "why not just start their own crowdfunding campaign and keep all the profits for themselves?" But then again, having a corporate entity backing you with promotions would be a huge boost. How many thousands of game projects failed to even meet their funding goals? How many did, but failed to be commercially viable?

Edit: I just looked at Hasbro's wiki page to see what games they publish. Dungeons and Dragons? When did they acquire that? 1999? Holy shit, really? I read Inquest like holy scripture back then, how did I miss this?

Fighting is Magic, you bastards! XD

Does hunting foreign exchange students across the fens with pack of dogs count as a party game? I mean, I was having fun...

Just make a Conker's Bad Fur Day ish Ponies game. Duh!

How is this even a question?! Hasbro, you could have every brony in the world eating from your palm!

Buy Games Workshop Hasbro, please.

On related note yeah, 10k is chump change if you truly have a good idea; yeah you may have corporate backing to get your game out to millions but ah...that doesn't give you more than the 10k <.<

I'm notifying my Game-Design-&-Development-II professor about this. We just finished the first complete round of tabletop game development. I've contributed to one game and playtested another four games that could qualify for this.

Edit: My goodness, this contest has been up for weeks.

Yeah I don't know. I got a few ideas in sort of a pre alpha stage at home, but... I was kinda put off by the terms and conditions. I don't really trust a clause that specifies I have no right to complain if Hasbro happens to be making a similar game to the one I submitted. I realize they have to say that, because the alternative is a nightmare. However, it's not a right I wish to give up for a potential crowdfunding campaign and maybe 10000 bucks.


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