Action Figure Mikasa Kicks Butt in This Stop Motion Attack on Titan Fan Film

Action Figure Mikasa Kicks Butt in This Stop Motion Attack on Titan Fan Film

Youtuber Jordan Tseng has brought Attack on Titan to life in stop-motion animation starring, an action-figure Mikasa.

With reactions to the big-budget, live-action movie being so mixed, it's no wonder that fans of the Attack on Titan manga and anime are taking it unto themselves to create the definitive film experience. Enter Jordan Tseng, a Youtuber from Taiwan known for his stop motion animations featuring action figures.

The video is extremely well-constructed - the plastic characters that fill the scene come to life through Jordan's work. It's even funny, insofar as Attack on Titan can be funny - using artist's mannequins for the titular titans; the "special guest star" that shows up at the end...

Maybe the best thing about the video is the "Episode 1" in the title - I don't doubt people are hoping to see a lot more of this.

What do you guys think? Is it the "cannibal giants VS katana-wielding Spiderman" adaptation you've been hoping for? Is it better than the live-action TV show is going to be? Almost definitely.

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Well, color me impressed. I'm gonna have to check out this guy's stuff, now. And how sad is it when a fanwork looks better than the real live-action thing?

That is much better than I expected.

Who'd a thunk it? A stop motion YouTuber that doesn't make videos that looks janky as fuck. This guy has some real talent.

Them cameos...

Other than that, that last 15 seconds had better live-action that the live-action AoT movie trailers... :p


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