The Name of the Wind to Become a Movie, TV Show, And Game, All At Once

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I agree with how annoying the accounting is. The amount of time Rothfuss dedicates to adding up the pennies is irritating.

Also, his beard may be awesome, but his voice is not. This is coming from a British person - he has the most bland American accent. When you said you love his voice, I went and looked up an interview on youtube... not impressed. Bring me a writer who sounds like Jeremy Irons, and I'll be impressed. :D

Huh, you're right. The beard is still awesome. I had a vague memory of having heard him with this deep, booming voice, but that clearly isn't him.


I'm one of the few people I know who detested these books. It's a testament to the story telling that I still want to finish the trilogy, but I found the characters and pacing absolutely abysmal. Yes, I know how contradictory it sounds. Clearly, the story is doing something right, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what that is. I've never spent so much time on a series I disliked so much.

Personally, I feel the best thing that could happen to the books is a good editor. Carve out nearly 50% of the first book, and 30% of the second, and adjust the finale of book 1 to tie-into the main story, and I think it's a much better product. Still, best wishes to the IP, I hope that the switch to a different medium will finally make me a fan!

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