Still Bummed by Mass Effect 3's Ending? Cheer Up With This LEGO Reaper

Still Bummed by Mass Effect 3's Ending? Cheer Up With This LEGO Reaper

LEGO builder Kevin J. Walter has constructed a huge and detailed recreation of a Reaper from Mass Effect.

For many gamers, the awesome portions of BioWare's first Mass Effect trilogy were, sadly, overshadowed by the way the series came to an end. It's a shame because, even considering their flaws, the Mass Effect games still arguably represents some of the finest sci-fi storytelling the game industry has ever produced. Easily one of the best parts of the games were your foes: the Reapers. Unstoppable killing machines, they were the rare sort of enemy that could strike legitimate fear in a player. When a Reaper showed up you knew things were about to get real.

Recognizing this, LEGO builder Kevin J. Walter recently decided to pay tribute to the Reaper by building one with bricks. Built specifically for 2015's SHIPtember competition, Walter based his design off of Mass Effect 1's big bad, the Reaper Sovereign. While Walter hasn't released any information about how many pieces the finished build contains, he did share that it's 173cm long, 68cm wide and 58 cm tall. For comparison, LEGO's official Super Star Destroyer set is only 124cm long and contains 3,152 pieces.

As is often the case with custom LEGO projects, the truly impressive part of Walter's build is the level of detail he achieves. His Reaper's outer hull is absolutely covered in little bits and pieces that were clearly arranged with care to make it an accurate representation of the villainous ship. You also just have to love the way he re-purposed some of his LEGO pieces. One zoomed in picture, for instance, reveals that an entire section of the ship is just a row of black chairs. Now all we need to do is track down one of the LEGO Normandy builds we've seen in the past and let them duke it. It might sound like an unfair fight but we're willing to bet that Shepard would be able to pull it off somehow. (Even if he/she had to resort to speaking with that bratty Star Child again.)

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Nope. Still bummed.

Oh Tali...

Nope. Still bummed.

Oh Tali...

We tried! Sorry.... :(

Well, that depends. Does it come with a please buy DLCs message?

I suppose this was an intended consequence of the angle of the 'article', but...

Really? Whining about ME3's end in an article about some random bloke building a Reaper out of toy bricks? Even for people so hypersensitive they can't cope with what BioWare did, that took up, what, maybe 30mins (with the Extended Cut) in a series that could've likely taken 120hrs (going off each game taking 40hrs)?

Methinks 'get over it' suffices as advice.

Argh! I already had left that behind! Thank you, Escapist, for reopening a deep wound...

Darth Rosenberg:

It's okay friend. This is a safe place. You don't have to hide your true feelings. We wont judge.
How badly did the ending hurt you? Who did you leave behind? Liara? Tali? Jack?

The ending controversy was just a distraction to cover up for the DLC controversy.

This Lego is just a distraction to cover up for the ending controversy.

It's okay friend. This is a safe place. You don't have to hide your true feelings. We wont judge.

Good point; time to confess... I rather liked the original ending first time around- EC just made it better. Le shock!

How badly did the ending hurt you? Who did you leave behind? Liara? Tali? Jack?

Pft, Destroy FTW! I left no man/woman/alien behind.

Captcha: kiss me - oh, if you insist, Jack.

Psh, who says money can't buy happiness.

Cool lego stuff, would love a lego Mass Effect game going through all 3 games. :-) But those still bummed by the ending of ME3, sorry but you should have known what would happened with ME2 - none of your choices in ME1 made any real difference in ME2. An starting ME3 should that your previous choices were cosmetic at the captured an alien space station in ME2 and it makes no different in ME3 if you kept it or destroyed. All the choices were cosmetic apart form the race choices in ME3.

I will forever be that woman that loved ME3's ending, even before the EC.

Cool lego thing, though.


Nah, blue ending is ideal for me, really. Immortality, and immense power to realize dreams!

Citadel also kicked serious ass, though it's not really an ending, I guess.

I'm more peeved that when all was said and done, there was only 1 female soldier in multiplayer, we never got DLC female Quarians, never got a female Krogan, the female turian kinda sucked, and the Gynoid got nerfed.
Mostly just that.

OT: excellent reaper, but does it stand?

Anyone who still has issues over the ending to ME3 just has issues, in general.

Still being infuriated with the multiplayer's terrible random rewards system that kept me from my beloved Geth Juggernaut for SO long that I unlocked and maxed out every single other class, is entirely valid though.


Now *that* is one cool LEGO construction, and all it does is make me desperately want Andromeda even more!

You know what would have pissed me off less than the ME3 ending? He goes to earth, a 30min lego ad rolls, and then it links to the lego store for real life kits.


Also less of a bad cliffnotes version of the bible where space jesus meets god and picks a color.

It's a cool lego build. But it is the wrong shape for the ME3-ending shaped hole in my heart. Thanks again for reminding me of old hurts.

You know what makes me feel good about Mass Effect 3's ending? Not giving Bioware any more money :)

I loved ME1 and 2, I bought the books, love the lore. But since ME3 was never released outside origin, it doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.

Is there some law that everything to do with Mass Effect has to mention the disappointing ending to Mass Effect 3. It really wasn't all that bad (bearing in mind I've only ever played it post controversy and was expecting it to be terrible rather than just lacklustre)


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