Homemade Super Smash Bros. Board Game Utilizes Amiibos

Homemade Super Smash Bros. Board Game Utilizes Amiibos

You'll finally have another use for all of those Super Smash Bros. Amiibo you've been collecting.

BattleCON is a dueling card game that is best described as a "fighting game masquerading as a board game". Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game from Nintendo that makes extensive use of the company's new collectible NFC amiibo toys. Reddit user Zoql had the bright idea of combining the two, and it is glorious.

"BattleCON: Super Smash Bros. is a mixing of my two of my most favorite games," explained Zoql. "Inspired by my desire to use the Nintendo's new toys-to-life figures on an actual, physical space, I set out to create a BattleCON version of Super Smash Bros. I have redesigned all the cards and components to better fit the Super Smash Bros. style and to be easy for people to print, put together, and play."

Check out the game in action below:

If you'd like to try BattleCON: Super Smash Bros. out for yourself, you can download it here. There's no official rulebook yet, but Zoql has made a YouTube video series explaining how to play the game.

Source: Reddit


I'm sorry, but no wavedashing card?
0/10 will not play.

Incoming nintendo sue in 3.... 2.... 1...!

Sorry, but lets face it, nintendo is probably going to drop on this guy like a tankweight and crush what little money he probably has for this...!

Looks fun to play atleast!

So would a smash out will be sending the Amiboo out of the table?

Nintendo will find a way to claim this guy's ad money for themselves.

Prepare for Nintendo C&D letters!

It would be an excellent use for the Amiibo since they are generally useless unless you have Smash Bros.


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