How Do You Build a Real Mjolnir? Electromagnets and Fingerprint Scanners!

How Do You Build a Real Mjolnir? Electromagnets and Fingerprint Scanners!

Youtuber and inventor Allen Pan has built a replica of Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, that only he can lift.

Alternate title: Frigg' Mjolnirs - how do they work?!

It looks like an inventive Youtuber has got Thor and the Asgardians' secrets all figured out: forget all this "whosoever be worthy..." stuff; it's really all in the thumb print.

In the video below, you can see how electromagnets keep the hammer firmly stuck to heavy metal objects, leading would-be lifters to think it is super heavy. Then Allen comes along, presses his thumb against the scanner, and ta-da - he's basically Beta Ray Bill at this point.

I get the feeling that if Thor used the mighty hammer for pranking strangers, he or she might lose some privileges. Sorry if I inadvertently spoiled Secret Wars!

Allen Pan put his video on Youtube less than a week ago, and already nearly seven million people have seen it. Not bad for your second upload - and I am really excited about what's going to come next. Maybe he'll do Captain America's shield! For the record, I'm thinking more along the lines of the bouncing, boomerang-esque qualities, not the bulletproof qualities...


That is both awesome and cheating.

Plus, a handheld magnet that powerful could be a lot of fun, although not for any nearby electronics.

couple ways it wont work. Mjolnir is supposed to be unliftable, but without metal surface to rest on the magnet is useless. Also electromagnet thats powerful enough to bring a hammer flying your way (despite that bieng unsafe for obvious reasons) would classify as EMP weapon to begin with. Just walking by a building with it on would lead to destruction of everyones hard drives.

Wow come on guys. A dude makes a hammer that can only be picked up by him, and you guys start nitpicking about how it's unrealistic. Considering the laws of physics and what he had to work with this is pretty damn clever.

Make it remote on/off with a small controller in the pocket would be even better than a noticeable thumbprint scanner.

Yeah, it's nifty. But the fact that only Thor (mostly only Thor) can lift Mjolnir is actually one of the least cool things about it.


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