Street Fighter V Release Date Confirmed

Street Fighter V Release Date Confirmed

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Street Fighter V release date revealed, along with post-launch info.

Street Fighter V will release on February 16, 2016, on PC and PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, Capcom announced in a blog post today. In addition, Capcom revealed plans to release six more characters after the game's launch, at an anticipated rate of one every two months. This will bring the total lineup to 22 fighters by the beginning of 2017. Capcom also confirmed that Dhalsim "will be joining the initial roster as the first true zoning character in the game."

Capcom previously announced that all in-game DLC can be earned for free by playing the game. Street Fighter V features two different forms of in-game currency: Fight Money, which is earned by playing the game, can be used to acquire new post-launch gameplay content, such as characters. Zenny, on the other hand, can be purchased with real money in order to immediately gain access to post-launch content.

Fight Money, according to the most recent blog post, is used to "reward players who stay engaged with Street Fighter V over time," and can be earned through two primary methods: daily goals (like landing a specific number of certain moves), and by leveling characters through different game modes.

"To remove any confusion up front, leveling up a character in Street Fighter V will not affect game balance," Capcom stated. "It only shows how much time and effort an individual has placed into learning a character. Each time a player levels up a character, they will receive a Fight Money bonus. Earlier levels will be easy to obtain, and will scale to become more difficult the higher the level."

"Street Fighter V will reward players who experiment with a wide variety of characters, and those who play frequently."


Just hope that they can avoid any "Gem" non-sense like what killed Street Fighter x Tekken.

Still, I saw all the new shit they gave Zangief, Dat Armor @[email protected]
Once I finally get a PS4, I'm going to be all over this game.

Being able to earn the DLC seems a fairly good way to escape the normal DLC stigma, I guess. Good on Capcom for not horribly mucking stuff up

Did you guys see the dhalsim trailer? That guy never looked so good.

Thank goodness it comes out after valentines day.


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