A Dead Comet in the Shape of a Skull to Pass by Earth on Halloween

A Dead Comet in the Shape of a Skull to Pass by Earth on Halloween

NASA has determined that the celestial object, which will pass safely by the Earth, is most likely a dead comet.

Your Halloween skies just got a little bit spookier: NASA says that tonight a dead comet, shaped like a skull, is due to pass just outside the moon's orbit.

How can you tell when a comet is dead, let alone a comet at all? Vishnu Reddy, at the Planetary Science Institute, explains: "We found that the object reflects about six percent of the light it receives from the sun... that suggests it could be cometary in origin - but as there is no coma evident, the conclusion is it is a dead comet."

The "coma" that Reddy refers to is the vaporous cloud that surrounds most comets, giving them a "fuzzy" appearance. The Halloween object is likely all out of substances that sublimate when it approaches the sun, thus the moniker of a "dead comet."

Those of us in North America will have a hard time actually viewing the skull-shaped visitor - it will be closest to Earth shortly after lunch, Eastern time - but you can follow its progress all the same through NASA's websites.

So for those of you looking for a last-minute costume idea with access to a lot of quick-drying papier maché, there you have it: spooky comet!

Source: NASA


Talk about an awesome coincidence. Even space is celebrating halloween with us.

Reminds me of the moon in Majora's Mask; that is not a pleasant association.

Clearly it's Dr Wily's asteroid base.

Well... that's not ominous or anything... let's all just hope it's a coincidence...

Don't worry, it turns out it's a regular comet and the skull is in fact the ghost haunting NASA's computers.

Cool, the fucking Death Eaters are coming.


Do you mean corona, not coma?

Well, let's see...

Last night, I dreamed that a demonic spirit had come to Earth to claim a mortal soul,
My lunch order was #66 at 1:11 PM,
and there's a Zygon rebellion tonight.

And now, this. Cause or effect? You decide.

Kinda of interesting news given i just beat Dead Space 3 I would say more but i dont want to spoil the last game jic.

Thats kinda cool even though its likely a case of shadows playing tricks on us. If its a dead comet perhaps itll be worth investigating at a later date. Surely a comet thats not spewing out the gases, water etc would be easier to land on and study.

Been playing SOMA all the weekend.

Cool! When's the novel coming out? I hope they make it into a film. At least this time the zombies will have a visible source, rather than some "mysterious" illness.

ADDENDUM: Yes, I'm aware of the old movie "Night of the Comet", but this is way cooler. For one thing, it's not as immediately obvious that the comet is doing anything. Someone, usually some nerd or crack-pot no one is likely to believe, figures it out first and tries to warn everyone; at least, that's the cliché.


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