"The Littlest Deadite" Book Brings The Evil Dead II to a New Generation

"The Littlest Deadite" Book Brings The Evil Dead II to a New Generation

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Guaranteed to give your children nightmares.

With Ash vs. Evil Dead currently killing it over on the Starz network, it's safe to say that Sam Raimi's creation (and Bruce Campbell's career) is exepriencing a much-deserved renaissance, both among fans of the original series and 20-somethings looking for a raunchy, gory good time.

But there is one key demographic that The Evil Dead series has never been able to capture: 10 year olds.

Perhaps due to the violence, the language, or the fact that its first incarnation features a tree rape scene, The Evil Dead has never been a big hit amongst toddlers and pre-teens...until now.

That's because artist Sean Hughes has deftly combined the world of children's fairy tales and The Evil Dead with his recently released creation, The Littlest Deadite, a children's tale complete with creepy yet somehow adorable illustrations.

Check out the story below, via Hughes' official website.


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Haha, that looks hysterical!

I wonder what the kids will think 15 years later, when they find this in moms storage and remember this was their fav when they were small. And then they actually read it and are all: "Omg, this is about zombie-demons! Moooom, WTF?!!!!".

It's pretty cute, I'll give it that. Has kind of a green eggs and ham vibe to it.

Not sure it really holds up without some context, though; it'd be more fun for the parents reading it than the children listening.

Meh, more fond of Littlest Lovecraft myself. Will dredge up links later, but it's a series of three (as of writing) Lovecraft stories retold in verse and heavily illustrated, as is the style for children's books.

You're wrong, Army of Darkness was my favorite movie when I was 10. Evil Dead needs no help appealing to the younger generations.


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