Pay What You Want For 10 JavaScript Development Courses

Pay What You Want For 10 JavaScript Development Courses

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Whether you're an aspiring developer or already work in the industry, we've got a deal you can't pass up. For a limited time, you can pay what you want for 10 JavaScript courses worth $878.

Not only can you pay what you want for the bundle, we'll even donate 10% of the proceeds to charity, so you can make a difference in others' lives while making a difference in your own. Grab the bundle and:

- Learn basic JavaScript, if you're starting from scratch
- Use popular JavaScript frameworks like Node.js and Ember.js
- Learn how to use Meteor.js, a powerful Javascript framework, to build web and mobile apps
- Master backend framework Express.js by using it to create 10 web apps
- Turn spreadsheet data into data visualizations with D3.js and Rapid D3.js
- Master 3D programming
- Learn how to build features like image sliders
- Use Apache Cassandra to manage data
- Create single-page apps using Angular.js
- Learn how to integrate Facebook and Instagram APIs into your apps

..and plenty more. Did we mention that you get to pay what you want for all of this? Move fast, because it won't last long. Head over to Escapist Deals to pay what you want for this 10-course JavaScript bundle.


Or you could, you know, use the internet which is 100% free.


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