Japan Makes DS R4 Card Illegal

Japan Makes DS R4 Card Illegal


The Tokyo District Court has issued a ruling making sales of the R4 card, a device that enables the DS to play homebrew and pirated games, illegal.

Last year Nintendo and 54 other companies filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the R4 Revolution card that allows the DS to play illegally downloaded games as well as homebrew software. Claiming that the products caused "severe damage to our company and software makers," Nintendo sought the halting of importation, marketing and sales of the device in Japan.

Today, the Tokyo District Court ruled in their favor, making illegal all R4-related business in Japan. Nintendo, Square Enix and Capcom have already backed the ruling, declaring that the R4 is now in "violation under Japan's laws." Live in Japan? You can't sell an R4, can't buy an R4, can't put up an R4 poster in your window. If you say the word "R4" while outside after 8 PM, don't be surprised to find yourself unconscious in the back of an armored police van soon afterward.

The ruling, interestingly, does not apply to any of the other similar brands of cards, just the R4. Nintendo and its allies have, however, already said that they will be pursuing litigation against other manufacturers in the time to come.

How will this ruling affect the R4 in other territories? Who knows. Currently it's illegal to sell an R4 in the UK, but a-okay to buy one. In America you can readily get one, either online or from some shady dude in Chinatown, and, according to some analysts, 90 percent of American DS owners play pirated DS games via the R4 or similar devices. If Western governments want to follow the precedent of Japan, that number might be falling soon enough.


With the DSi having a memory card slot, aren't flash carts like this going to become irrelevant anyway?

Seem my choice of M3 was a wise one, it's a shame people have abused flash carts though. I love using mine to make the DS a digital sketchpad, MP3 player and the like.

Aren't they already illegal?

More importantly, proper R4's have been out of the market for good couple of months now anyway...

still 90% seems a little high to me

havent they always been illegal???

I'd quite like an R4 to put SCUMMVM on.

It's pointless though because other companies will spring up and most people who wanted an R4 have one. Moreover, due to the nature of the R4 it won't stop being sold on the black market.

It's like when they said vhs would ruin the film industry, you can't blame the technology and you certainly can't stop it.

still 90% seems a little high to me

If it really is 90%, then there are some really smart youngin's out there (given the customers I usually got in electronics at Wal-Mart). I'm not sure how hard it is to flash one of those carts, but I'm surprised (given those statistics are correct) more people aren't using them to create true homebrew. Not to mention, of all the video games I've got, I don't know what would be worth pirating, except for 15+ year old-not sold anymore anywhere-really freaking awesome and underrated games.

Japan Makes DS R4 Card Illegal

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Funny, they're still so easy to pick up. The law doesn't change a thing. If people want something, other people will find a way to sell it to them.


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