David Perry Calls Out Sony On PSP 2

David Perry Calls Out Sony On PSP 2


In response to Sony's professed support for UMD - itself a response to his own claim that the PSP 2 would ditch the format - Acclaim's David Perry has challenged the company to definitively state that the new iteration of the handheld will support UMD.

First, David Perry - the mind behind beloved titles like Aladdin, MDK and Earthworm Jim, now Chief Creative Officer at Acclaim - said last week that the PSP 2 was definitely real, could come as early as Fall 2009, and would ditch the unpopular UMD format in favor of downloadable games contained on memory sticks.

His claim was rebutted by Sony, who reaffirmed their commitment to the UMD, saying it was critical to them, though they did admit that they were looking to broaden their base in digital distribution.

Now, Perry has returned fire via Twitter, unhappy that Sony's John Koller had publicly questioned his public announcement. Perry's 140-character-limit throwdown reads as follows:

John Koller is publically questioning my post about PSP 2. So I confirmed with Top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 WILL have UMD.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I get an "Oh snaps!" from the crowd? Consider the gauntlet thrown, people. Will Koller support his earlier statements and go on record promising that the PSP 2 will have UMD, or will he back down in the face of Perry's certainty? I guess we'll just have to find out next week, in the next episode of "As the Blu-Ray Turns."

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Make a Blu-ray UMD! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

No. I don't think they'll do that.

Hang on a sec my brain is still trying to get wrapped around Acclaim still existing.

A bit early isn't it? It's still a good hand-held and there is plenty that can be done with it.. Just because Nintendo are making another hand-held doesn't mean Sony have to as well (If thats how their looking at it)

I just don't understand why Dave Perry's being such a jerk about this. I mean, he blew Sony's cover, and they did a damage control press release that didn't even mention him. Why is he trying to force Sony into talking about things they're clearly not ready to talk about?

Whats he actually at here, how is it his buisness, and moreover how does he consider it not damaging to be flamebaiting a company that provides him a platform to develop on. More over I bet those top developers (if he was actualy talking to them) are feeling pretty stupid they said anything to perry, company's are very defensive of their secrets and im sure they wouldnt think twice about rooting out people who talk.

I doubt they will abandon UMD. IF they do they most likely will switch over to making games on pro duo cards. I cant even take this idiot seriously anyways with his retarded claims of a new generation PSP coming as early as fall. it's laughable, and then saying sony will ditch umd and go full digital!? I know sony has made their share of mistakes in the past but they are not so stupid as to do something like full digital. I am also certain the next gen PSP will have backwards computability, if it doesn't oh well, but it would be smart to keep it. Until this idiot provides proof to HIS claims he has no right to call out on kollers claims at all.


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