Street Fighter V Will Support SteamOS, Steam Controller

Street Fighter V Will Support SteamOS, Steam Controller

Street Fighter V

Will Street Fighter V finally give people a reason to start building/buying Steam Boxes?

Valve's SteamOS operating system is a great idea marred by the fact that, well, it doesn't really support that many games (AKA: The Mac Problem). It's one of the main reasons why its Steam Machines haven't really taken off. But, Capcom has just announced that Street Fighter V, one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 and arguably the biggest fighting game around, will fully suppport the OS, as well as the Steam Controller.

"We are working closely with Valve on this endeavor, and will have more details to announce in the near future, so stay tuned for updates," announced Capcom in a blog post. It added that the upcoming Street Fighter V beta, that will take place December 18 - 20, will be fully compatible with the Steam Controller.

This is great news really for everyone involved. I love SteamOS in theory but there just isn't enough support right now to justify building a dedicated Steam Box. Tournament organizers will be especially pleased knowing they can throw together inexpensive PCs to run the game for tournaments, rather than having to shell out for PS4s.

As for the Steam Controller? I doubt it will replace the traditional fight stick, but it's worth seeing how it holds up.

Street Fighter V releases in 2016 for the PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom


If you have a Windows computer capable of running it, where's the incentive to buy another computer? Don't get me wrong, I think it's good that more and more games are supporting additional platforms, but the only reason console gaming is where it is right now is because of exclusives.

Maybe if they made Half Life 3 a SteamOS exclusive, it'd gain some traction.

The only reason to not use a fight stick 99% of the time is because you don't own a fight stick.

Here's the thing. SteamOS is a linux distro that boots straight into Big Picture mode, given that you can do that with Windows and have full access to your Steam library (and the wealth of other games) what's really the point of it?

One of my points was going to be will people want to limit themselves to a Valve eco-system, then I remembered my friend who refuses to buy a game if it isn't available on Steam.

If it were possible to Dual Boot with the official distribution of SteamOS then I would consider giving it a try as several pieces of graphics software I use are more stable on Linux and I would assume Valve would keep up with drivers in order to make the performance of their OS competitive. Alas I will probably pass it up until this is a reality (if it every becomes one) and give Fedora a try.

Thats a nice gesture sure but I doubt it'll really push SteamOS, like people have said its really limited in what you can play on it in comparison to other OSs.

That being said, its nice to see fighting games getting even more support on PC, especially from one of the bigger names out there.

Love my steam controller and I'm excited to see what official support for it will do for street fighter V considering you can already do this with out official support in a game.


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