What Modern Movies Would Look Like With VHS Cover Art

What Modern Movies Would Look Like With VHS Cover Art

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Some of your favorite movies get a much-needed retro-ization.

Like Nintendo 64 cartridges and 8-tracks, VHS tapes hold a unique place in our nostalgia banks, in that they are both fawned over for what they offered to us at the time and lamented as frustrating and unreliable relics in light of the home viewing technology that replaced them. But if there's one thing that DVD's and Blu-rays haven't been able to capture that VHS did, it's the artwork that adorns them.

Simply put, there's no personality, no life to the covers of DVDs and Blu-rays nowadays. The grittiness, the wear and tear, the unique fonts and border designs...they've all been thrown to the wayside in favor of sheek, glossy covers that, while reflecting the increasingly higher-definition of the films themselves, rarely stand out from one another on a rack at your favorite movie store (which is now a Redbox because movie stores don't exist, coincidentally). The same thing is happening to movie posters, save for some inventive exceptions.

Secondary movie art is dying a 1080p, plastic-wrapped death, essentially, which makes this Imgur user's decision to retro-ize movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, and The Revenant with old school VHS covers so, so awesome. Check 'em out below.

Regardless of where you stand on the VHS vs. DVD Cover Wars, it's hard not to admire the attention to detail presented in these retro covers. Head over to the Imgur post to check out the back covers, then head over to the abandoned minimall where your favorite movie store used to be and huck rocks at it just for fun. That's what I'll be doing, at least.

Source: Slash Film


The more articles like this that keep popping up on the Escapist, the less I want to visit this site. It is turning into Yahoo!'s front page of junk fluff articles. Nothing science, games, or entertainment about these pieces. It is all just featuring some random user's art work on some other site. Why is this a news article?

Next article: "Modern movies as 8-Track tapes"

Next article: "Disney Princesses as Ex-Machina AI"

Next article: "Smurphs as Star Wars characters"

....and on, and on, and on...

I used to like reading this site for the coverage of the large hadron collider, the weird new fish in the ocean, things found in ice, video game articles, and so on. Lately this reads like a teen bop paper.

While I duly note Deathfish15's valid comments, this is certainly one of the better clickbaity listicles that have surfaced recently. In fact I'm impressed by how well they did the retro styling, it's very faithful to the 80's aesthetic they're channeling.

Glad we've moved on from the Disney Princess mashups.


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