Parody Boy Band of Video Game Bosses Releases Debut Album

Parody Boy Band of Video Game Bosses Releases Debut Album

Have you ever wondered what a parody boy band made up of video game bosses would sound like? Probably not, but lucky for all of us, someone somewhere did.

The Big Bad Bosses (B3) is a parody boy band of some of the most infamous video game bosses, made up of YouTubers Jirard Khalil ("Big Bow"), Nathan Smith ("Sephy"), Alex Faciane ("Ronik"), and Satchell Drakes ("G-Ca$h"). According to a press release, B3 is "a videogame villain-themed parody boy band that give life to classic gaming villains as they rap and croon about the lot they've been dealt."

Not only does this band exist: they have an album, Power Overwhelming, with ten original parody tracks by Shovel Knight composer Jake Kaufman. The album also features with "special guests." You can view the band's debut music video, "I'm the Boss," above.

"Big Bad Bosses has been in the works for a long while," said Jirard "Big Bow" Khalil. "I've been wanting to work with Jake Kaufman for years, and after hearing the Shovel Knight soundtrack I knew it was time. I always thought it would be funny yet endearing to see into the hearts of the most famous videogame villains and to try to understand how they feel in the form of song, and the album came together better than anyone involved could have imagined."

Power Overwhelming is available now wherever digital music is sold, and will be available on CD and vinyl in the future.


Heh, I liked the boy band theme they got it going with the song and music video.

Oh, so this is what Nate's been vaguely talking about on and off with networking and junk over the last year, cool.

.... my initial response was "What the fuck is this".


But after having sat through it, I find myself considerably charmed. What is this? Not in an "eww, gross, get it away" kind of sense, but in an "I'm curious and want to find out more" sort of way.

Sooooo.... the premise of Wreck It Ralph put to music?

The Completionist, his Super Beard Bro Alex, Satchbag's Goods, Nate Wants to Battle, and Virt started a boy band. If there weren't links and a video I would call bullshit.

I like it. It's fun idea and the song is catchy too.

That song was actually pretty good!

Aww, I didn't read properly, and ended up a bit disappointed, when it turned out not to be about villanous game *company* bosses. :P

Well that was fairly entertaining. I'll have to listen to some of their other songs when I get a chance.


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