Star Wars Worth More Than Harry Potter, James Bond, And Some Nations

Star Wars Worth More Than Harry Potter, James Bond, And Some Nations

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The entire Star Wars franchise is now worth more than Harry Potter and James Bond combined - not to mention countries like Jordan.

Everyone knew Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be a box office smash hit, bringing in more cash than the summer blockbuster Jurassic World. But we long ago passed the point where we could fully grasp Star Wars' monetary value - it's just steadily increasing numbers at this point. So let's talk finances: The entire Star Wars franchise was recently valued at $41.979 billion. For context, that's more than Harry Potter and James Bond combined, not to mention the GDP of Jordan and Paraguay.

To be clear, this figure obviously goes well beyond The Force Awakens. Its opening week earned roughly $517 million, which is impressive, but that's like dumping a bucket of water on Kamino. (The combined Star Wars box office totals, including the animated Clone Wars film, was $7.3 billion.) On the other hand, this is still Force Awakens' first week, and it's a major contender for knocking Avatar from its box office podium. That box office figure could get much larger in the coming months.

The lion's shares of these finances come from Star Wars' varied merchandise and properties. Home entertainment sales are over $5 billion. Video games like Battlefront, Disney Infinity 3.0, and classics such as X-Wing Alliance add another $4 billion. Then you have TV shows like Rebels and Clone Wars, not to mention the endless tabletop products from Fantasy Flight Games. As always, the lion's share of revenue comes from toys - currently valued at a staggering $17 billion.

Put it all together, and you have an estimated value exceeding the GDP of Jordan ($35.8 billion) and Paraguay ($30.9 billion). Star Wars also towers over Harry Potter and James Bond, which have a combined value of $33 billion. The only way those movie franchises could surpass it is by throwing in Twilight and Lord of the Rings, and even then just barely.

In other words, Star Wars hasn't been the lucky underdog pilot for a long time - it's an Empire with enough money to build its own Death Star. And with new Star Wars movies coming out every year, for better or worse, that's not going to change anytime soon.

Source: The Telegraph, via Fortune


I knew it was worth a lot but hearing that James Bond, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight just slightly surpass it took me off guard.

they arent worth that much, the films make a loss according to their accounting so they dont have to pay people after all

Pfft, this isn't surprising in any way. The new movie could have been horrible and had an hour of just Jar Jar saying "meesa taking all yousa money!" over and over and the franchise would still continue to grow. The merchandising is strong with this one. (Even George saw that when negotiating his contract for the original movie.) Snape's Potion Lab and its brethren have nothing on even the cheapest Storm Trooper action figures.

they arent worth that much, the films make a loss according to their accounting so they dont have to pay people after all

Yep. Hollywood Accounting, which is practiced by only the most honorable people and would never have any inconsistencies, has shown time and time again that most movies just aren't profitable. (Today, it's probably all because of piracy.) massive sarcasm for all of that

It is sad, though, that they can still get away with that, especially against people who don't usually work with Hollywood.

Not surprising. A small, or poorer country's GDP isn't a difficult task to overtake. There's so much Star Wars media and merchandise out there, how could it not be one of the most valuable IPs in the world.

James Bond may be a valuable asset, but there aren't nearly as many ways to make money off of a book and film series. Same with Harry Potter. There may be more marketable things for it than Bond, but it pales in comparison to Star Wars.

Now, hopefully they will take some of that money and make some amazing video games like they used to. Of course, as long as Vidya Satan has his nasty paws on the license, I guess that will have to wait. :/

But is it worth more than Candy Crush Saga?

But is it worth more than Candy Crush Saga?

yes. Candy Crush Saga is only worth 6 billion, almost 7 times less


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