George R.R. Martin "Astonished" by Fans After Winds of Winter Delay

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the antithesis:
Livejournal still exists and George R R Martin uses it? Wow.

he also uses DOS based word processor to write his books.


I'll tell my boss that I'm just not feeling the magic while coding and I need more inspiration (but hey, keep that salary coming pops!) and lets see how that goes.

except Martin doesnt get paid if he doesnt release the book. thats how book sales work. And i know a lot of coders that do work on "pay on delivery" system.

As much as I enjoy the TV series you can't rush the writer, people are just going to have to accept that the TV series will likely have to diverge from the books. If George dies before he finishes the story, it will just be another situation like Zelazny passing before he finished "Amber" a real downer, but something we'll all have to deal with.

As far as writing goes I tried my hand at it as an amateur, it's not something that can be done on command, except maybe in the case of Piers Anthony.

BloodRed Pixel:
good to hear there are some sane people left...


He is the George Lucas and Tim Schafer of the writing world, .

This is complete bullshit!
They both NEVER delivered anything they promised, Martin just needs more tim deliver something great.

Is it? The first three books, were he was not as well known, released two years apart each and were freaking amazing. The last two books took 5 and 6 years each and were pretty damn bad. Not awfull, but not nearly as good as the first three. I think personally that, without someone to hurrying him along, he just tends to fill his books out more and more, which makes them worse. The first three books had a pretty expansive cast as well, but there were only few additions as time went on, and concentrating on that cast the books were filled with story progression and interesting development.
Now in the last two books he added new characters left and right. The interesting plot points have decreased and been spread out over about twice the number of pages in the process.
There are just some people that don't work as well when they have too much freedom. They're obsessed with making their creation perfect and end up making it worse in the process. And I think GRRM may be one of them.

A reasonable level of support and encouragement from fans, even after yet another failed deadline, will probably be far more effective in motivating Martin to finish the book at a faster pace. Bombarding him with negativity and disappointment will probably only slow his progress to a crawl (moreso). He is human just like the rest of us. ABBAB (Archer reference) is not an effective motivational strategy. Still, it appears that many fans already know this.

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