Beloved Musician, Actor David Bowie Passes Away Aged 69

Beloved Musician, Actor David Bowie Passes Away Aged 69

David Bowie passed away today following an 18-month long battle with cancer.

David Bowie, beloved musician and actor, passed away today surrounded by his family and friends. His death follows an 18-month long battle with cancer. He was 69 years old.

Bowie was best known for his long and prestigious career in the music industry, spanning from his beginnings in the late 60's, right up until just a few days ago, as his latest, and last album: Blackstar, was released on January 8. He also had somewhat of a film career, appearing in cult classics such as Labyrinth.

Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, confirmed the news via Twitter, adding that he will be going offline for a while. Jones directed 2009's multi-award winner Moon, and is behind the helm of the upcoming Warcraft movie.

There aren't many people out there who haven't been touched by Bowie's music, so let's all take a moment to remember one of the greats of our time.

Source: David Bowie Official Website


I grew up on Bowie. It's hard to even process the thought of him being dead.

Oh man, Kojima is going to be so bummed about this :(
Well, if there is any a moment to post this...

Here's hoping he really did sell the world, otherwise RIP.

Well... fuck.

Raise one of your choice to a legend.

I really don't know what to think.
I've just been in a daze for the past hour.
Shit, man. I just.
I just don't know.
It's just hard to imagine a world without him.

That was...oddly sudden. It definitely puts Blackstar in a new light.

Man, it's weird, somehow it really feels as if an era is ending with deaths like these. Rest in peace, strange space alien.

The Prestige is probably my favorite movie ever. He was surprisingly a kick-ass Tesla.

RIP Mr. Bowie. Thank you for making that movie even more memorable.

Everyone is linking Bowie songs, so I'm going to do something a little different and link to everyone's favorite space video.

I recovered a bit from the outright daze of the news, to write this out for now

Enough's been said about Bowie's music now, and over the years, and it prettymuch stands on its own. Even in the 2010s the dudes put out two quality albums long after everyone thought he'd hung up the boots and been done with it.
But beyond that, he's always stood out to me as an inspiration. The idea that that this weird kid who wore silly costumes and wrote about space aliens could succeed in a world dominated by the "normal" folks. That such a person could in fact change the world on the big stage. Bowie took all your geeky misfit stuff, and by hell, he made it cool, ages before the internet and "geek culture" was ever a thing.
Despite all that, something I've noticed in the unforunately lone time I got to see the guy live, and in various videos and so on I've watched. He never seemed like this isolated narcissistic stereotype of a famous rock star. He'd make his dorky jokes in between songs at a show. He was constantly lending a hand to new talent from the 70s (Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper), 90s (Nine Inch Nails) right up until the modern era (Arcade Fire, Tv on the Radio), recommending them, producing them, or straight up collaborating with them. I've never seen a performance where he didn't go out of his way to highlight every musician sharing the stage with him, despite being the "solo" attraction.
Music, art in general, and the world has lost a great person in it.

David Bowie first impinged on my consciousness in 1980 with the release of Ashes to Ashes. Its difficult to today to describe how revolutionary that video was, there had never been anything like it before and even my 8 year old self spotted that this was something new.

A rather appropriate title for todays news.

Legends never die.

Great, so he's the first celebrity to passed away on 2016 (or which lesser know celebrity bite the dust before him?).

Also on the recent info on him (I admit I'm not a fan of Bowie), I can see why they choose him as the villain in the Venture Bros (yes I'm to date with that show before you quote me on the recent revelation in the last episode).

Well, this day began just lovely...

Scarim Coral:
Great, so he's the first celebrity to passed away on 2016 (or which lesser know celebrity bite the dust before him?).

Lemmy technically have died in 2015, but it hasn't even been two weeks since he passed away.

Yeah, his latest album is pretty telling:

RIP :(

absolutely hated his music since i first heard it in 1980 and even have a friend try and convert me to liking it a few years back but nope. that said the guy was incredibly creative and unique, pretty decent actor and left a mark on music that cant be filled

Wait... what?


I was never a fan of his music but I damn well respected him for how willing he was to try new things and he had this... presence that was a mixture of domineering yet humble at the same time.

My first expreience with David Bowie was being a wee little kid and seeing Labyrinth. Such a fun little movie, and he played his part perfectly in it.

Via con dios, you glamorous glam-rocker, you.

Everyone else is leaving songs/videos, so here's song from Labyrinth

As a little kid I'd nag my mother to let me listen to a Bowie greatest hits tape each night before going to bed, so in a way no other artist can quite match, he's been a part of my life from as early as I can remember.

He's a (ahem.. ) legend, and one of the true colossal greats of music (seems to have been a pretty damn good human being, too) - his classic era tracks can arguably described as perfect, and are truly unique even to this day. It'll be weird living in a world that Bowie doesn't.

Not an original song from him, but damn, this was a great record:

R.I.P. Bowie :(

It's such an unbelievable thing. Bowie just felt like one of those people who would be around forever.

RIP to an absolute legend.

And since people are posting Bowie songs, I'll post a couple too.

Sorry to see him go. Sure, I didn't like most of his work, but the works I did like from him (Particularly Station to Station) are incredible. May the man rest in peace.

Man this sucks. I'll admit I'm not super familiar with a lot of his work but I watched Labyrinth like crazy when I was younger. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

"And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through"

Godspeed, you gloriously wonderful bastard.

Lemmy's death was hard enough to take, NOW THIS!

You'll always be my Goblin King.



Scarim Coral:
Great, so he's the first celebrity to passed away on 2016 (or which lesser know celebrity bite the dust before him?).

The actor Lawrence Rory Guy, better known as Angus Scrimm, passed away this weekend. Certainly not a major celebrity, but he's known in horror circles for having played The Tall Man in the Phantasm series. So, yeah, I was pretty bummed coming into this week and now I'm just in shock.

I'm forty years old, and there has never been a point in my life where David Bowie wasn't out there on the periphery of my world, doing creative stuff. I was never a huge fan of his music, but you can't deny he made his mark in a number of ways, and his output was wide-ranging enough to where almost anyone you could speak to who's listened to Western music probably has at least one Bowie song they remember, if not like. And that's not even getting into Labyrinth.

I feel like the world just got a little less beautifully insane.

Well fuck.

I grew up listening to Bowie and I was super excited about his latest album, and now it's gonna be weird not having him around.

I guess I'll be listening to Bowie all day and having a sad. :(

That's... depressing. Guess I'll have to listen to some of his music later... Rest in Peace, sir.

I was very saddened and surprised to hear about this. I knew he wasn't immortal, but at the same time, I could never picture him dying, if that makes any sense. Well, I'll leave this here, and be surprised I'm the one to do it.

I've never cried when I heard a celebrity died before last night. I grew up with David Bowie in my life from day one. Some of my earliest and best childhood memories involve dancing around my living room singing along to every song from Labyrinth. His music, and inspiration, got me through some of the toughest times in my life. I never met the man, but I honestly feel like I lost a dear friend. I seriously can't stop crying. :, ( RIP

It's really sad to see him go. I have long admired his ability to remain relevant and timeless throughout the decades and he has provided us with some really inspired music. A really cool guy I wish I could have met.

With him and Lemmy Kilmister passing away there must be a real monster jam being planned in heaven.

Conrad Zimmerman:

The actor Lawrence Rory Guy, better known as Angus Scrimm, passed away this weekend. Certainly not a major celebrity, but he's known in horror circles for having played The Tall Man in the Phantasm series. So, yeah, I was pretty bummed coming into this week and now I'm just in shock.

Oh I remember him. Fear those spheres man.

Been pretty much in tears all day while listening to all of his albums..
I was pretty much raised on David Bowie from the age of 5 when I was first introduced to him through my dad showing me Cat People..
I was just starting to cope with Lemmy and now..David fucking Bowie..

Just gonna post my favorite song and slink back away now..


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