Watch this Trailer for Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Shadow Moses

Watch this Trailer for Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Shadow Moses

Just in case Konami decides to drop the hammer.

A group of fans has been working to recreate the first Metal Gear Solid using the Unreal 4 engine and have released a impressive trailer for their effort, titled Shadow Moses. The project, which has been publicly in development since October of last year, was originally intended to be a "museum game" intended simply to recreate the environments but has since developed into a complete fan remake of the original title.

The trailer offers glimpses of a few key Metal Gear Solid locations, including the office where Snake encounters Psycho Mantis, the narrow corridor where Sniper Wolf pins him down and, naturally, the hangar where Metal Gear Rex is housed.

Konami has remained silent in response to the project so far, but it wouldn't be at all surprising to see it shut down with a cease and desist now that this new trailer is rapidly spreading around the internet.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook


Lets remake a game published by a bunch of jerks.

That sounds like a Great idea! Which wont get c&d'ed before release.

Congratulations this game is being C&D as we speak I bet. Never, ever announce a fan project until it's finished. Never, ever. That way, if you leak it online, they will still C&D but it'll be on the net and they won't be able to mop it up completely.

Dear Konami. I sincerely want this to happen. Just leave this be and I'll continue to be nice.


While technically impressive, there's a serious lack of aesthetic refinement there.

It has all the fancy post process effects, but they're slapped on because they're available, not because they help with the look. Between that, and the way the lighting is set up makes everything feel dark and dingy. More like a horror game than a inhabited military base.

Still, if they don't get shut down, they've got a good starting point that with more polish could really shine.

the best thing they can do right now to save the project is take down the trailer from youtube, delete their twitter and Facebook pages for the game, then rename the project to something else.

They have been saying that

"we will need (Konami's) full permission. We... openly share this project from the beginning so that we can deal with any issues that may arise as they come. We believe this is better than putting years of work into a project only to get it shut down."

My worry is that they don't have even the slightest chance of gaining that permission they need in order for this plan to work (considering everyone left at Konami either works on pachinko machines or is a money hungry business man).

Welp, this'll probably get stopped by Konami now. When will people learn, NEVER release ANY info on stuff like this until it's all done and up for download. Because then when it gets desisted there'll always be a torrent for it somewhere.

"This looks good... Deploy the attack lawyers."


Ten bucks says Konami puts their foot down on this.

You hear that sound snake? It's the sound of our lawyers coming to claim your soul, it's the sound of all you ever loved burning... it's the sound.... the sound of inevitability Snake...

Here come the Konami tribe to ruin everything they don't like.

When will people learn that you should keep fan projects top-secret until they are finished?

Konami will be in contact shortly.

unless they somehow classify this as a mod, and make it so you need the pc version of metal gear solid to run it, i don't think they stand a chance of not getting a C&D.

That looks really, really off. It looks nice but its missing a lot of the things that made MGS1 look like MGS1. You know, like the puke green that was in every single interior.

The room graphics are nice and all but this would never be completed anyways. The trailer isn't showing much of the AI and that's pretty much everything from being able to hide from them to being chased. Those are the hardest parts. Anyone can slap together room models with new assets.

If someone really thinks, "coming soon" then you're going to see some AI and gameplay being shown off.

Lots of effort but I don't think a remake is necessary.

Here's a pre-emptive FUCKONAMI just to clear that up. Because, y'know, they're bastards and such, we all know it but it still needs to be said anyway.
I swear, I've never seen a company go so far out of their way to make their fanbase hate them. EA, ActiBlizzionard... neither of them have ever made me want to burn them to the ground, just pissed me off at times yes but nothing near the level of "kill it with fire" feelings I have towards Konami. Not even a zipcode adjacent.


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