Prison Architect Coming to Consoles in the Spring

Prison Architect Coming to Consoles in the Spring

Ports on the horizon for highly successful incarceration sim.

Introversion Software has released a trailer announcing upcoming console ports of building and management simulation Prison Architect, set to arrive this coming Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

In Prison Architect, players are charged with building and operating a private prison where they must manage a budget and keep prisoners safe and healthy while preventing them from escaping.

According to a post to their company blog, the two-man team at Introversion is not handling development of the ports. Double Eleven, another UK developer which has previously worked on ports of Goat Simulator, Limbo and PixelJunk Shooter, have been hired on for the task.

The PC version released last October, following a more than three-year period of crowdfunded development. It became one of the first titles offered through Steam's Early Access program and one of the most successful, selling more than a million copies in pre-release.

Source: Introversion


I had been enjoying the Story Mode on my Steam Machine. But lost interest around the time I had start giving prisoners jobs.

I really wanted to build my own prison but I keep getting imitated by how big the map is. And the position of the road doesn't help to keep everything out of prisoners reach. If I could easily find the center of the map I'd probably have a better idea of what goes where.


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