Age-ing Well: Age of Mythology Gets Its First Expansion in 12 Years

Age-ing Well: Age of Mythology Gets Its First Expansion in 12 Years

A new expansion for Age of Mythology is arriving on the 28th of January, updating a game more than 13 years old.

Downloadable content is rarely heart-warming, but when we are talking about an expansion for a thirteen-year-old game, the love is palpable.

Tale of the Dragon is set to expand beloved Age of Mythology on January 28th, on Steam. The expansion pack adds a new pantheon of gods, this time coming from Chinese myth and legend. Updates to the game, apart from a whole new faction, are to be expected.

In each Age of Mythology game, players choose a major god from any of the four major factions. The expansion adds Fu Xi, Nu Wa, and Shennong to the list of major gods, and a host of minor gods to recruit as you advance through the ages. Included among them is everybody's favorite Dragon-Ball-inspiring, To-the-West-Journeying monkey king, Sun Wukong!

Mythic units you'll add to your armies include dragons (naturally), terracotta soldiers and the vampiric Jiangshi. While many Age units can be countered in an elaborate "rock-paper-scissors" fashion, you can escape the clutches of a Jiangshi by scattering rice on the ground - it makes them hopping mad! (That was a joke for all the Chinese mythology fans in the audience. You're welcome, all two of you!).

This is hardly the first time an Age game has received an expansion long after its initial release; Age of Empires 2 is still going strong and growing, with a vibrant competitive scene and two new expansions since its re-release several years ago. Mythology's new expansion is even coming from the same team that developed those two. Let's hope Age of Empires 3 is next! I love me some real-time-strategy deck-building games...

Source: Forgotten Empires


Ahhh, they really should have commissioned some DeviantArtists for the minor god portraits. Or if they did, they should have commissioned some other ones. And boy, the first one reaaaally looks borderline in a 'yellow peril' sort of way.

EDIT: I am reaeaaallly excited for this btw

*high pitched squealing*

I'm going to be completely honest, I am not at all the best person to be trying to analyze the situation here. I'm just fanboying so hard most of my brain has shut down.


That's the biggest advantage of those HD Remakes of old games on Steam: They may get new official content. The here-mentioned Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 2 and Baldur's Gate are three examples.

Looking forward to it, even if I won't actually buy it, I do hope it is working out well enough.

I hope those are not the final cards, because damn they look terrible, facial proportions are all over the place, and the shading in some of them are just terrible

sounds good. havent played it for some time now but certainly looking forward to it. just im already busy with other games. maybe i get it when its on special. still havent finished the last DLC for AOE2.

HOOOLY sh*t! Now I'm REALLY glad I bought the HD release a while ago, despite never actually playing it for more than 5 minutes. Can't believe there's gonna be a new expansion to one of my favourite games of all time

Now make a AoE3 expansions, dammit! I need more native american, asian, african and possibly eastern european nations in my life!

Now make a AoE3 expansions, dammit! I need more native american, asian, african and possibly eastern european nations in my life!

I'm with you! I want more cards for my Gendarmes deck!

I'm liking the look of this overall. Age of Mythology was one of my favorite games of the early 2000s and like with Age of Empires II HD, new life in these real-time strategy classics is always welcome.

This is particularly the case since real-time strategies outside of StarCraft are near dead.

Seeing as Age of Mythology is one of my all-time favourite games, I'm looking forward to this one a LOT and will be buying it, even if I'm not exactly a big fan of Chinese mythology.

I like what this company is doing, making new expansions to older games :)

Hope this becomes more of a trend *votes with his wallet*

Can't wait to see what these new civs can do though I'll be disappointed if the older civs don't get some goodies too like with Aoe2.

Now, if I could just convince them to release the Mac version of the game onto steam...

I am enjoying the new civ but the game is buggy. The patch that allows everyone to play together (good idea, poorly executed) brought with it lots of problem. Old bugs are back after being gone for years. Things like units getting stuck between buildings and even on empty terrain. We have cows spawning inside forests, stuck until they are dug out and we are back to having units that just stop working for no reason. Now when you highlight a group of units, the unit count is often wrong and you have to manually count your guys. Sometimes when you select units it will show the units selected on screen but the information window will say you have selected a tree. Often when you select a loaded caravan, it will not show you how much it is carrying.

Also, I heard that if you don't have the expansion, the new patch will sort of nag you to buy it. I haven't experienced this first hand as I do own the expansion.


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