Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeking Director For Next Conan Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeking Director For Next Conan Movie

Conan the Barbarian Throne

Conan the Conqueror will return Arnold Schwarzenegger to what's best in life once it finds the right director.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest films haven't recaptured his past glories, but one project might turn that around: The Legend of Conan. This sequel to 1982's Conan the Barbarian is the sword-and-sorcery equivalent of Unforgiven, following the final days of an iconic warrior. There's just one problem - production has seen multiple delays over the years, leaving many wondering if the project was shelved. Thankfully, Schwarzenegger promises that's not the case, he's just looking for the right director.

"As a matter of fact, [The Legend of Conan] has been written," Schwarzenegger told fans at a black tie event in Birmingham, "and we are now looking for directors so this is a serious drive."

The Legend of Conan takes place years after the events of Conan the Barbarian, when Conan rules the land as king. Specifics on Conan's final adventure are light, but Arnold took the opportunity to share some details, including a possible name change. "Conan the Conqueror [is] where I'm sitting on the throne for years and years, decades, and then all of the sudden, the time comes when they want to overthrow me," Schwarzenegger explains. "So that story will be told and that movie will be done."

Producer Fredrick Malmberg later confirmed these statements on The Arnold Fans website. "Chris Morgan and I are meeting with directors at this moment," he said. "Interest is high, many are fans of Conan but we are not rushing. We have a great script and now we need the right director for the job."

The Legend of Conan was originally supposed to start production in 2015, during which time no progress occurred. But if Conan the Conqueror is a rebranding, and not some slip of the tongue? It could be a sign that Conan's final chapter is on the way. If so, the finished movie should hit theaters in either 2017 or 2018.

Source: The Arnold Fans, via GamesRadar


To be honest... I have been waiting for this movie since I was a wee lad watching the Conan movies and it always teased the old Conan at the beginning.

It's also kind of sad that these actors have these passion projects and studios are too stupid to just make those movies, they always want to do it another way that is always them trying too hard and making a bad movie or failing to make a movie at all. Shit, Ryan Reynolds was walking around with that script for a decade almost before fans just forced Fox to act.

This is probably the only modern Ahnold movie I'd buy a movie ticket to go see.

Oh! Get M. Night. Shyamalan to do it! And have the twist be that Conan was never a barbarian or something.

But they already have "a great" script... if you go M.N.S. you have to go full M.N.S.!!

I never imagined I'd say this, but I'm starting to feel sorry for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stallone has gotten to have multiple comebacks, but Arnold...? I'm not seeing it. I'd like to be wrong, but the last Conan movie didn't fare well, and the man himself doesn't seem to be much of a box-office draw any more.

It's a little like watching your grandmother get drunk and talk about how popular she was with the boys.

To be fair, Arnold was awesome in Maggie, so I believe he still "has it" as an actor - although I realize that role of Conan will be completely different from that of a loving, desperate father in Maggie.

This and True Lies 2 sadly haven't happened yet. Anyone remember Kull the Conquerer? Or that Solomon Kane movie recently? No? They weren't that great.

We also missed a new Red Sonja due to Rose's accident and I guess no one caring to try after that.

I, too, have been eagerly anticipating a return to the original Conan.

I find myself in a small camp of people who liked Robert E. Howard's works, but also liked the comics, but also also liked the Dino DeLaurentis films.

though I thought the one with Mamoa wasn't bad either, just not great.

We also missed a new Red Sonja due to Rose's accident and I guess no one caring to try after that.

We did get a Red Sonja movie, but they changed Conan's name for some weird reason.

I think I am one of the few who actually liked the remake/reboot they did a few years ago. I don't think it will be believable to see King Conan wiping out hordes of young fighters a quarter of his age.

I don't think it will be believable to see King Conan wiping out hordes of young fighters a quarter of his age.

If we went with believable he'd have died an uneducated slave because people's life spans were shorter in the sword and sorcery days. :P

OT: I hated the second conan movie (it fell to the same kidifying that did in robocop 3) and thought the reboot was stone dead boring; so I'm hoping this new one gets back to the rated r roots. I'm looking forward to seeing an older, weathered arnie conan like was always teased at. Or, at the very least, it would be kind of neat to see his rise to king (although I might be missing the point on that one).

I am a little afraid to see what he looks like without a shirt on, though. It'd probably serve as a stark justification to Bettie Page's isolation once she got older.

What? I thought Paul Verhoeven had been attached to this project since , well since forever actually.


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