Sponsored: Forge of Gods Tactical RPG To Invade Your Browser

Sponsored: Forge of Gods Tactical RPG To Invade Your Browser

Editor's Note: We sincerely apologize for the oversight in not mentioning The Escapist's relationship to AddictingGames in the original post. We have updated the post to make this more clearly understood. While technically, sister sites do not require disclosures the same way paid advertisements do, in the interest of transparency, we will ensure that all future promotions and announcements of other Defy properties are clearly indicated as such.

The Escapist's sister site, AddictingGames brings a new tactical RPG to a web browser near you. Summon! Fight! Evolve!!

An evil Necromancer is threatening your kingdom and as the Warlord in charge of protecting the populace, it is up to you to track him down and eliminate him. Such is the premise of Forge of Gods, a new free-to-play tactical RPG from developer Panoramik.

The rules are simple enough: Build heroes, then evolve them to become Gods to smite down the enemy armies. You can even capture heroes from your enemy and upgrade them to give you more options. There are more than 500 different heroes available, and upgrade the units to create tactical combinations number in the hundreds of thousands.

The game is available on our sister site, AddictingGames. The game's official Facebook page has been passing out codes for players to redeem for various goodies.


another pay to win android game, i prefer to buy my games with the full game and have access to all content without hiding stuff behind in game purchases (still waiting on a Disgaea for my phone and until then its vita for me)

Don't these usually have "Sponsored" in their title? Cause that was just an ad... for a flash game.


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