North Korean Satellite is Best Satellite, Nothing Wrong, Very Excellent

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It doesn't really matter considering the satellite was probably like sputnik, which had only one function once it reached orbit and that was to beep until the power ran down. Well, that and to prove they could do it. Which, incidentally was nearly 60 years ago, so the Nk isn't exactly leading the power curve regardless.

Yeah but.. given that their space program is in its infancy- was NK even trying to lead the world into a new age of space exploration? Seems more to me it's just as you say- a little Sputnik of their own just to show they can do it. Even if it's tumbling around on an orbit, it just looks to me like NK achieved exactly what it attempted, and this US official is just hanging crap on it because it doesn't map GPS or host facebook or whatever else US satellites can do today.

Well, I guess the reason for the piss taking is because, as this article was poking fun at, they are constantly up-playing their "Advanced Democratic Republic that's totally better then everyone" while their satellites are falling down.
I mean, I remember reading another article on this website about how they sent a propaganda video to the US showing off how they planned to invade and rekt the place...while using footage from Modern Warfare 3's story mode...

On the national stage, NK is basically that one friend who keeps making shit up to make himself sound a lot more impressive then he really is, like that story about how they built an entire empty city nearby the border to SK and hired people to "Live" there in order to keep up appearances (Most likely messed up the details there, but I do remember seeing that on Cracked or something).
So even when they do get a slight success like this, their prior, and current, grandstanding just makes them look like a laughing stock.

That and no one wants to be the guy who wants to encourage the insane pricks running the place by giving them a Gold Star for effort.

Yeah fair point. I just can't shake the feeling that the focus is misplaced. Like they're spending more effort dissing the satellite itself rather than the over indulgent celebrating that NK is doing over it.

I had no idea Donald Trump was the head of the North Korean space agency!

Please don't tell me you're surprised by this news.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you North Korea's very excellent satellite...

Any questions?

Meanwhile im just sitting here thinking how silly the rest of the world looks thinking they have any effect on this by "publicly condemning" it. If anything, technological progress in such a nation is a good thing, and space research has a chance to benefit the public a lot (there is a reason NASA is the most beneficial institution in US history). Even if that research is just copying from other countries.

Adam Jensen:
This should give you some idea how backwards and pathetic North Korea actually is. There are amateur satellite builders that can easily launch a satellite into orbit. Nothing massive, but they do it without any fuss. Yet some people still believe that NK was behind that Sony hack. It's still as absurd today as it was when it was first suspected.

Not really. What is often claimed to be "launched into orbit" is those high altitude air baloons that float to the point where its "Technically orbit" and then die. (for examples see all those "Games launched into space" things.). you can buy a pre-built one for a few thousand dollars. Launching things into actual orbit aka the altitude sattelites go around though, no amateur would even be allowed to do it even if he could.

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