Sony Announces Free Multiplayer Weekend on PS4

Sony Announces Free Multiplayer Weekend on PS4

free multiplayer weekend

Play multiplayer games on PS4, no subscription required.

Sony announced today that it will hold a free multiplayer weekend on PlayStation 4, which is scheduled to begin this Friday. Over the course of the weekend, all players will be able to access multiplayer options for any PlayStation 4 game for free, no PlayStation Plus subscription required.

While the highlight of the announcement was newly released Street Fighter V, Sony also encouraged users to try out Call of Duty: Black Op 3, as well as the new DLC, Awakening.

The free multiplayer weekend launches Friday, February 19 at 12:01am PT, and will run through Sunday, February 21, at 11:59pm PT.

Street Fighter V released on February 16 on PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read The Escapist's review here.


Lol, Sony can barely keep PSN up and running for the people who are currently paying, I fully expect them to refund my PSN sub fee when PSN comes crashing down this weekend due to demand load.

oh you mean like what they had with PS3 but all the time?

No news of the Black Ops III "Multiplayer Starter Pack" for PC, that was launched yesterday?

So I might finally get that one impossible-to-solo co-op-mission in Unity done? Oh, wait, I have plans this weekend. And also I don't care that much because I've gotten completely used to not having multiplayer access because I refuse to pay for features I hardly used anyway...


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