Wolverine 3 Might Adapt Old Man Logan

Wolverine 3 Might Adapt Old Man Logan

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Hugh Jackman's final, R-rated Wolverine film could be an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic Old Man Logan storyline.

With Deadpool's success, it seems pretty likely that Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine film will take an R-rated direction. Which makes sense - this is Wolverine after all - but what really matters is the story it tells. Thankfully, comic fans have reason to be excited if current sources are accurate: Jackman's last Wolverine outing might adapt the popular, post-apocalyptic Old Man Logan storyline.

Old Man Logan started out as an eight-issue Wolverine arc written by Kingsman and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, with art from Steve McNiven. Set 50 years in the future, it introduces a Marvel Universe where supervillains banded together to destroy Earth's heroes, leaving America a wasteland. Wolverine is one of the few survivors who since took an oath never to reveal his claws again. That oath is tested when fellow ex-Avenger Hawkeye shows up with a new job, taking them across the villain-ruled continent for one final adventure.

If Old Man Logan is the inspiration for Wolverine 3, it will obviously have to go undergo some changes. Fox still doesn't have the license for Hawkeye, let alone prominent Marvel characters like the Red Skull, Hulk, or Captain America. Either way, the premise itself is a great mix of X-Men and Unforgiven that might be the perfect ending to Jackman's run with the character.

What wouldn't need to be changed is the graphic violence - Old Man Logan was notoriously gory, complete with horrific murders and decapitations. And that's before Logan pops his claws late in the story. (Don't you dare cry about spoilers. It's a Wolverine book. You knew it was coming.) Ordinarily I'd say even an R-rated film might have to tone down the comic's violence somewhat, but given Deadpool's recent success Fox might let Wolverine 3 go nuts.

What do you think? Should Old Man Logan be Hugh Jackman's send-off to Wolverine? Or is there another story arc Fox should do instead? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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I have zero faith Fox can do Old Man Logan justice. Absolute zero. It wouldn't sell, the majority of people wouldn't get it, and most watching it would be unhappy regardless since there isn't ever going to be a way to make it entirely faithful without going "it was a dream" at the end.

Too bad. Old Man Logan's Emma Frost is sexy as hell.

Well we had Origins where he moped about in the past, The Wolverine where he moped about in the present so sure lets have one where he mopes about in the future. I think the storyline would have no resemblance to the actual comic given they'd have to replace or at least alter every character who is not Logan himself though, so maybe not such a good idea

I don't think they can do Old Man Logan, Fox just doesn't have the rights to the majority of characters appearing in the book, the X-men franchise has already done one "apocalyptic future", and given the events in the past that lead to old man Logan I don't think Fox will want to rush into a "What IF" or "reboot" scenario, I mean the average film goer has trouble separating Marvel's Marvel films, and Fox's Marvels films, throwing in a second reboot or a what if scenario will just be confusing.

they should still consider going all out on an R-rated film about continued or replicated weapon X experiments throw in Omega Red, and maybe have something that lets them actor swap or bring in X23.

Only if Fox maintains their policy of noninterference. Buuut... since Deadpool was a success, now their executives will crawl out of the woodwork to meddle.

The only story arc you could fit in the movie would up to the destruction of the clan and his decision to become a hero again. The tragedy and the clan is extremely important in that respect and you just know they are never going to go there (not the tragedy part and not the clan part either).

The movie could only have a vague resemblance to the comic, which is not so bad. I already know the comic.

This the comic that had Wolverine battle a clan of inbred rapist Hulk hillbillies, right?

Too bad they don't have those character rights. There'd be some hilarious shit flinging if that was on the big screen.


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