Additional Hitman Beta Announced, Opening Cinematic Released

Additional Hitman Beta Announced, Opening Cinematic Released

Prologue chapter open to PlayStation Plus members a week before general release.

Io-Interactive has released the opening cinematic for Hitman, set to begin episodic release March 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. In addition, the developer has announced that a second PS4 beta test of the game will commence on March 4 and will be available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Hitman beta consists of a single level, set twenty years before the events of the main game, at the moment Agent 47 first meets his handler, Diana Burnwood. This prologue mission will also be included in the release of the first Hitman episode, set in Paris.

Subsequent episodes will include an additional location, with a stage set in Italy planned to release in April, followed by a Morrocan stage in May to complete the main game. Expansion content, adding locations in Thailand, the United States and Japan, will roll out through the remainder of the year.

The first episode of Hitman will sell through digital platforms for $15, with subsequent locations available for $10. Players may also choose to purchase the complete package for a lump sum payment of $60, which will include all chapters and expansion stages as they become available. A disc-based release featuring all content is also planned to release in late 2016.


Too bad there is only one mission per month and not a country with several missions. The beta was good but it was more like a game of the older generation. Fortunately, the gameplay was the mix between the good ideas of Blood Money and Absolution.



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