Guillermo del Toro Assigns Pacific Rim 2 To Daredevil Showrunner

Guillermo del Toro Assigns Pacific Rim 2 To Daredevil Showrunner

Steven S. DeKnight, the showrunner behind Netflix's Daredevil Season 1, will direct the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel.

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim was an absolute blast, and perhaps the most fun I've had watching robots fight monsters in years. So it's more than a little exciting to witness the slow kaiju-like crawl of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom to a 2017 release date. And while del Toro won't be directing the sequel, there's one hell of a potential upside: Daredevil's Steven S. DeKnight will take charge of the project when filming starts in November.

DeKnight was previously the showrunner behind Netflix's Daredevil, and a major contributor to its success. (He's the reason Kingpin was slowly introduced over three episodes instead of right away, for example.) He also created the TV series Spartacus, and wrote and produced shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse. Pacific Rim: Maelstrom will be his theatrical debut as a director.

Obviously giant robots fighting monsters is an exceptionally distinct field from dark superhero tales, but del Toro himself was confident enough to make the selection and announce it on Twitter. And considering Maelstrom will be a fresh take on Pacific Rim's concept, perhaps DeKnight has some new ideas which might prove a strong fit. All the same, I'll be looking forward to the results when Pacific Rim: Maelstrom hits theaters on April 17, 2017.


I like the sound of this. Hopefully Mr Del Toro will still have a guiding hand in the production though, just because i like his touch.

On another note...

Is editing a thing anymore? Or even proofreading? This is generally a pretty professional site, but the editing of articles is getting pretty damn poor.

I hope they get rid of that awful Kaiju/Jaeger hybrid idea. It was dumb in Evangelion, and it'd be dumb here. I mean it sounds like something from a direct to DVD sequel to Starship Troopers 3.

Stay with the core idea of giant robots fighting giant monsters, but this time cut the scientist, 'romance' and daddy issues, and use all that spare time to do another battle scene with more Jaegers and more Kaiju!


Seriously great to hear that the sequel is gonna get made after all!!! :D :D :D

All it needs is giant robots fighting giant monsters. The story and writing could be a little better than the first movie, but it's not necessary.

Daredevil was a far better show than it had any right to be. I'll be looking forward to this. I'll miss Del Toro, but some of his strongest areas have always been the visual designs of his films- which hopefully will hold over and undergo a graceful and gradual evolution in new hands.

I haven't seen (or don't remember very well) the stuff this guy has worked on, so I can't say I can judge him from that direction. I am a bit concerned, however, that this guy has only worked in television up to this point.

I've always loved that Pacific Rim Poster that has all the super cool giant robots... and a dinky little CPF...


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