Kirby - Planet Robobot Announced For 3DS

Kirby - Planet Robobot Announced For 3DS

Also announced was a new line of Kirby-themed amiibo.

During its Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo talked a lot about games we already knew about, but it also revealed a few new ones. It closed out the presentation by dropping Kirby: Planet Robobot for the 3DS on us, and announcing that it'll be in our hands before the end of the summer.

In Planet Robobot, a mechanized menace has taken over Kirby's world. Kirby must fight back against the robots in traditional Kirby fashion: by eating them and stealing their abilities. This time around, he can even get himself a full mechanical suit, which can also steal abilities to upgrade itself.

Announced alongside the game was a new line of Kirby-themed amiibo, featuring Kirby himself, King Dedede, Meta-knight and Waddle Dee. For those of you playing at home, all of these except for Waddle Dee are currently already available as Smash Bros. amiibo, and will all unlock special powers for Kirby in game. In fact, every amiibo can be used to give Kirby some kind of power, with certain ones unlocking certain powers (Link, for example, gives him the sword power).

The game will also come with Team Kirby Clash - a new multiplayer Kirby title in which players form a team of up to four members in order to tackle a specific Kirby quest. The game will feature download-play, so you can play with those who don't own the game.

Kirby Planet Robobot will be released on June 10.


Neat! If it's as fun, or even more fun than Kirby Triple Deluxe, I'll be all over this. That game was a blast~ Easy, but a nice, relaxing blast (And yet the first phase final boss theme is one hell of an action packed song. What a contrast!) how long until someone mixes game play footage with Mr. Roboto by Styx? :P

So, will this game be written by Tomino or Anno?

Let's hope those amiibo don't become like the actual Dedede or meets knight amiibo.

I'd like if we didn't hit Kirbys adventure on the Wii which was a return to form in many ways, then add a single concept and some new abilities for triple deluxe (a concept I think made it better it just seemed like the only thing worth adding) and now add a single concept and some new abilities for this one.....just wanted to see if something grander and more impressive came out instead of reusing the same engine for basically more Kirby, just with some tweaks.

I was very excited to hear about this, I love the classic-styled Kirby games.

Some people like Super Mario, or Mario Kart, or Super Smash Bros., but my game of choice that I don't ever need Nintendo to change is Kirby.

So, owning the right amiibos means you wont have to backtrack 5 worlds to get that one power you need to access that hidden area? Too bad like, half of the amiibos probably just grant sword.


With that out of the way, great news, always happy to see more Kirby.


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