Darth Maul Wields The Dark Side In Fantastic Star Wars Fan Film

Darth Maul Wields The Dark Side In Fantastic Star Wars Fan Film

Darth Maul: Apprentice is a Star Wars fan film detailing one of the earliest challenges of The Phantom Menace's Sith warrior.

It's pretty safe to say the Star Wars prequels missed the mark, but they did some things right - most notably The Phantom Menace's villain, Darth Maul. While he never said much, Maul managed to be an imposing force whose lightsaber duel was one of Episode I's major highlights. That essence has been perfectly captured Darth Maul: Apprentice, a 17-minute Star Wars fan film pitting the Sith warrior against six Jedi opponents.

Apprentice takes place on a remote world Maul is charged with protecting from intruders while he completes his training. But instead of handling civilians or soldiers, Maul ends up confronting an entire team of Jedi seeking his hidden Sith base. Given Maul's combat skills and ingenuity, that might just be an even match.

For what basically amounts to a lighsaber combat video, Apprentice certainly is fun to watch. Everything is impressively choreographed and edited, and gives most characters just enough personality to lend meaning to the battle. While it's not without silly moments - specifically, the overuse of Force blasts and a Jedi version of Bane - it manages to incorporate enough minor details to make the project feel authentic to Star Wars. Maul himself was incredibly well done, helped with makeup and contacts that craft the appearance of an intimidating Sith fighter.

Combined, fan films like Darth Maul: Apprentice are a great way to pass the time while we wait for the next official Star Wars film to hit theaters. Does this particular project live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments!


It's great for fan made, the acting was a little rough but other than that it's the best star wars I've seen! I did think for a couple seconds that I was watching dragon ball Z when maul and the girl started blasting each other.

Like I said though, best star wars I've seen! It didn't have that corny, cheese layer that seems to smother the others and the action (well it was pretty much all action) was very good! It wasn't the raid series but beats the fuck out of any other star wars fight scene.

Very impressed. Glad I watched it before Disney take it down....

The Palpatine voice work was just a little too off otherwise I enjoyed this. Certainly better than the prequels.

I really liked it, but to me Maul looked very bored through the entire thing.


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