Rick and Morty Will Be Returning Earlier Than Expected For Season 3

Rick and Morty Will Be Returning Earlier Than Expected For Season 3

Creator Dan Harmon recently revealed that the fiercely-beloved Adult Swim show will be arriving earlier than expected.

Everybody get schwifty, because it looks like Rick & Morty will be coming back by the end of the year.

Why is this news, you ask? Well, at the close of the second season back in October, fan favorite character Mr. Poopybutthole gave us a rough timeline for when we could expect the show to return, saying "tune in to Rick and Morty Season 3 in like... a year and a half... or longer." Given the two and a half-year gap that separated the first two seasons of the show, this seemed like an understandable, if deeply depressing revelation to most of Rick and Morty's fanatic fanbase.

Thankfully, Dan Harmon managed to clear things up regarding season 3 during an appearance at Magic City Comic-Con in Miami, Florida back in January that somehow didn't get picked up by any major news outlets until last weekend.

"I think season three, I believe we're targeting around the end of this year," said Harmon. "But, you guys realize that we're at the beginning of this year."

It just goes to show that you should never trust a Poopybutthole.

While the prospect of waiting another 9 or so months to find out how season two's cliffhanger of a finale will resolve itself feels borderline cruel, it's at least an improvement from the 18 month hellscape of loneliness we thought we were in for. (Rick and Morty is our shepherd; we shall not want.)

Speaking of that cliffhanger ending, Harmon additionally revealed that last season's finale was originally meant to be stretched into two episodes, and that season three will be 14 episodes long as opposed to the usual 11 (possibly as a way of making up for the aforementioned finale). You can check out the entire Rick and Morty Comic-Con panel below, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear of a more solid release date.

Source: IDigitalTimes


Awwww yeah! Wubalubadubdub, people! Wubalubadubdub!

I'm very excited for it!

I shall do my best to contain my joygasim

God i can't squanching wait!

It's okay, deeply depressing revelations are the entire series.

My guess is that they couldn't stretch "tiny planet jokes" across the entire second episode and decided to just pack it in.

Neat, if the creators can keep up the same quality, I'll greatly welcome this.

Wewt, Yes!

This makes me happy XD


Well they already killed my favorite character, Photography Raptor, but I guess I could give it another go.

Just kidding, I am so pumped!


Oh shit, you're technically right!

Also i'm hyped as all shit for S3!

I am not complaining, so I can wait 9 months. Better than 18 months.

I can certainly wait for Rick and Morty but having it sooner is always good in my books.

I wonder if...


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