Learn Javascript, Python, and More with Three $39 Bootcamps

Learn Javascript, Python, and More with Three $39 Bootcamps


If you're thinking about a career in programming, you're probably looking to pick up skills that are both in-demand and easy to learn. And a portfolio of coding projects to show prospective employers wouldn't hurt either. Get all of it (and then some) with three top-notch programming bootcamps at Escapist Deals. Each one is just $39, saving you up to 96%.

The Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp is packed with seven courses on EmberJS, UnderscoreJS, ReactJS, Facebook Flux, and more. You'll master must-know skills as you build a to-do list app, create data visualizations, complete a customer data project, code single-page apps, and more. Get it for $39!

The Python Programming Bootcamp teaches you the powerful language behind Google and YouTube. You'll get hands-on practice as you install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux, use it to build apps, and use it as a white hat hacking and penetration testing tool. Get it for $39!

The Interactive Coding Bootcamp rounds out your skill set with 12 weeks of training on HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and more. The video courses from the likes of Harvard and Stanford will teach you both front-end and back-end development as you create a portfolio of apps. It's even got some job-hunting assistance to help you kick off your career. Get it for $39.



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