Satoru Iwata Was Honored at GDC Awards With a Moving Animated Short

Satoru Iwata Was Honored at GDC Awards With a Moving Animated Short

"In my heart, I am a gamer."

Late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was honored with a touching 3-minute-long animated video at the Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco.

The video, created by Raber Umphenour, Shawne Benson, David Hellman, and Chris Kohler, gives a brief glimpse into Iwata's career, ideas, and impact on the industry. The video closes with a quote from Iwata's GDC 2005 speech: " my heart, I am a gamer."

I won't say too much, because words simply don't do it justice. Just maybe have some tissues handy.


I'm not going to lie...I'm legit crying right now...that was beautiful

That was beautiful. A very nice tribute to a great man.


Okay, yeah. Tissues.

Well i'm tearing up, that was just beautiful.

Probably the only good part of that award show and quite a lot more tasteful than the hastily thrown together segment at the VGAs.

Aw... I'm very impressed. And now I'm starting to tear up...

This was a moving tribute to a man who did a lot of great things, while remaining true to himself. At least from what I could see from my perspective half a world away. I'm glad I watched it and got teary eyed near the end.

I think it's also fantastic that after so long his memory can still have such a profound impact upon gamers. And to think, he was a CEO which usually brings to mind corruption and greed, while an image of Iwata brings up neither.


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