Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Play as Dogmeat

Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Play as Dogmeat


If you've been holding off on playing Fallout 4 until you could finally play as Dogmeat, your long wait has ended.

Thanks to a new mod from Nexusmods.com member Abbalovesyou, you can now play Fallout 4 as the most important character from the series - Dogmeat. You can wear any of the dog gear that you can find, but there are restrictions, like the inability to use guns.

There are still a few bugs that you can read about in the mod's description on Nexusmods. It's likely we'll see many of the bugs and issues ironed out of mods like this once the mod tools are officially released by Bethesda later this month, but the fact remains that this is your chance to take a turn through the Wasteland as a dog.

You can also play as a raider dog or a feral dog using this mod, but let's all be honest here: We're playing as Dogmeat, right? Right.

You can check out some of the dog options in the gallery below, and you can grab the mod over at Nexusmods.


Well, I'll tell Bethesda to shut up and take my money; but only because someone else sold me to it.

Why stop with the player character?

Makes every humanoid npc some variation of dog. Dog raiders. Dog ghouls. Dog super mutants.

Ok, jokes aside, a game built entirely around the abilities of a dog sounds kind of neat.

Oh, I do hope they disable the romance options.

Dog raiders. Dog ghouls. Dog super mutants.

Attack Dogs, Feral Dogs (Hey, they look ghoulish), and Mutant Hounds.

OT: This would be hilarious AND adorable at once, I think. We need a moment where he's playing cards, though, just for the sake of art.

Oh, I do hope they disable the romance options.

Oh, Lord, that would be funny.

Cait: I'm thinking some pretty naughty thoughts about you.
PC: *barks*

Dogmeat: Woof woof!
Nora: What is it Dogmeat, are the Chinese in the process of launching an all out nuclear attack on America, and that we should get to the vault as soon as we can?

So is the power armor dog operated now?

Well, Shaun *is* a bit of a son of a.... *cowers under well-deserved barrage of rotten eggs and tatos*


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