Quantum Break PC Graphics Settings Shown Off

Quantum Break PC Graphics Settings Shown Off


Quantum Break is hitting the Windows Store for Windows 10 April 5, and Remedy is showing off the graphics settings that will be available in the PC version of the game.

The screenshots provided show off a lot of options, including unlocking the frame rate from the console's 30 fps and four levels of video settings (minimum, medium, high, and ultra) for various options. There are also options for texture resolution, SSAO, shadow resolution, and effects quality. However, there are several options we'd like to see that are conspicuously absent.

For starters, there's no apparent way to adjust the field of view, and the only option for anti-aliasing is an on/off switch. Something else that immediately stands out is the Xbox controller button prompts that persist throughout the menu. Hopefully, those only appear if a gamepad is plugged in. Finally, the multi-monitor users among us will notice there appears to be no option to run in borderless windowed mode, which is disappointing.

It's great to see Quantum Break headed to PC, but it sure would be even better to see more options for PC users to customize the experience to their liking.


Hopefully i can find the right options for removing some of their more questionable post process effects.

I'm assuming the "30FPS Lock" option means that otherwise, it will lock to your monitors refresh rate? And if that's the case, that seems limiting. Looks to me like if you want it to run above your monitor's rate you'll have to do some .ini tweaking, assuming that's even possible.

Also "anti-aliasing ON/OFF", I hate games that do that...Generally it means I'll have to turn it off in game and force a better quality one through the Nvidia drivers or something.

Is this the developers first PC port or something? These are basic options I expect from a amateur Unity engine game.

Whatever...I guess I'm supposed to be grateful there's even a PC version at all, right?

Littlefinger, and Iceman. That is Shawn, not his twin currently playing in Syfy's Killjoys. Nice graphics if that is indeed in-game and not a cutscene.


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