Ghostbusters: The Board Game II to Hit Kickstarter Next Month

Ghostbusters: The Board Game II to Hit Kickstarter Next Month

ghostbusters board game ii

Who ya gonna call... again?

Cryptozoic Entertainment, the company behind DC Comics Deck-Building Game, The Walking Dead Board Game, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game and Ghostbusters: The Board Game, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products, have announced that an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters: The Board Game II will be launching on April 11.

"Following on the heels of last year's successful Kickstarter campaign and retail release of Ghostbusters: The Board Game, the second game in the series ups the ante with lots of new game elements, including Slime Blower Pack Ghostbusters, Ooze entities that can split apart and join back together, allies, new equipment like Ecto Goggles and Portal Destabilizers, and much more," a previous post on the company's website reads.

The game will feature an original story from Ghostbusters comics writer Erik Burnham and new figures based on designs by Ghostbusters comic book artist Dan Schoening.

The first game released on November 11 and, despite having no rules about not crossing the streams, landed a 4 star score from The Escapist.


Be warned people, if this is anything like the last one, you'll want to back it if you'd like to own most of the game. I swear, there was way more Kickstarter exclusive content than was present in the base game. Sure, I own it all, but it sucks for anyone who waited for retail. (Though the people who waited for retail got theirs months before backers did.)

I'm going to need to put in a pledge for this. I missed out on the original kickstarter and the retail edition only seems to come with half the game - characters, tiles, ghosts, etc are restricted to the pledge goals. They're selling for stupid money on ebay too.

I hope they aren't doing what they did last time and making a lot of the good content KS exclusive. I backed TMNT Shadows of the Past recently, and a small amount was exclusive. Most of it was cool extra artwork signed and different character sculpts etc.

I hope this one does that instead. Because I missed out on backing the first one.


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