Gaming's Smarmiest Antagonist to Return in Hand of Fate 2

Gaming's Smarmiest Antagonist to Return in Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate's Dealer's subtle malice and overwhelming smarm makes the dog from Duck Hunt seem like the most lovable character in the world.

Defiant Developments, The studio behind last year's fantastic micro-RPG, Hand of Fate, has announced that work is underway on a sequel to the game, slated for a Steam release in early 2017.

The protagonist defeated the Dealer in the first game, a fact made obvious by his now-disfigured face. Instead of a nemesis, however, the Dealer acts as a coach in Hand of Fate 2, intent on training you to challenge the land's tyrant; the protagonist from the original. Apparently, after you beat the first game, you get drunk on power, ban all magic, and use force to maintain your position.

The core of the game looks to be pretty much the same, which is great, because it was a solid foundation to begin with. There will be whole new collections of cards for you to build your decks with, as well as a number of new mechanics that are likely to change how the game plays significantly. Equipment updates now offer two-handed and dual-wielding weapon options, and you can even recruit a companion to join you on your journey. Companions can assist in battle, as well as influence how some of the events play out.

If you never played the original, there's plenty of time to do so before Hand of Fate 2 launches next year, but if you'd rather bide your time, you can start killing the 6,000 or so hours by perusing the Steam page.


I really hope the new features are enough to warrant a new game, not just an expansion because just based on Hand of Fate, this studio has some real talent and imagination behind it.

Well hello there you smooth-talking bastard... come for another round?

I feel like this is where I'd put a "shut up and take my money" clip, but I feel that would ruin my line there.

Ah, our dear Dealer. I hope he's come prepared, as he is about to face a worthy foe!

*the RNG gets me killed ten minutes later*

Nevermind. I'll just sit here and silently rue the day Humanity discovered random numerical integers.

Ah, I hate "Protagonist turns evil for the sequel" plots.

Ah, I hate "Protagonist turns evil for the sequel" plots.

Same to be honest and considering how much there was to do in the first game I'm surprised they're coming up with a second so soon feels like. It was what? Only a year ago? Seems really REALLY quick for an indie to turn out a sequel in only about 2 years...

I wish it had new combat. The main reason I couldn't play the other game despite wanting to is that the style of combat is not only unfun for me but also gives me a headache.

Ah, I hate "Protagonist turns evil for the sequel" plots.

Who's to say he wasn't evil in the first game? All we know about his life is what we've seen in the cards, and some of those images/decisions don't seem entirely on the up and up.


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