The Division's Broken Dailies Will be Fixed with April 12 Patch

The Division's Broken Dailies Will be Fixed with April 12 Patch


If you're looking for the missing dailies in The Division, they should be returning tomorrow.

If you've been playing The Division this weekend, you've likely noticed that the daily missions you're used to seeing have been missing. Apparently a bug popped up that caused those quests to not appear, and Ubisoft will roll a fix for the issue into the major patch that's scheduled for tomorrow.

That patch will also address the so-called "infinite loading/backpack issue," as previously reported.

The patch will also add Incursions, gear trading, and a host of other features. You can check out the full patch notes on the game's official site.


Sounds great, maybe next patch will be the one where they make the game something more than a generic 3rd person cover-based bullet sponge shooter. :D

Your "official site" link appears to be borked.

EDIT: forgot my OT.

OT:mehhhh I was hopeful, but without a sweeping weapon balance patch I can't really bring myself to go back, seems the new Destiny patch and Dark Souls 3 will be getting less competition for my attention tomorrow.


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