Dark Souls 3 Smashes Bandai Namco Sales Records, Gets New Trailer

Dark Souls 3 Smashes Bandai Namco Sales Records, Gets New Trailer

Dark Souls 3 sales are matching up with its reviews, and Bandai Namco is celebrating with a new trailer.

Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls 3 is both the most successful day-one launch in the company's history, and the fastest-selling as well.

In celebration of that fact, the company has released a new trailer that features a number of the accolades the game received from critics, and nearly two minutes of game footage.

There are still some issues with the PC version, and the patch that's slated to release today isn't fixing them. That said, the majority of reviews are very positive, and Bandai Namco has already confirmed the game's first DLC for release this fall.


I still think that putting awards all over your marketing is vulgar as fuck, but I understand the reasoning. At least From Software had the grace to wait until after release to tell everyone how much people are enjoying it.

For the record, I loved it. Miles better than DS II, but I'd rate it about the same as DS I.

I'm absolutely loving the game. Would I like to turn my lighting back up to high and not crash? Yeah. But the game is a ton of fun and feels great to play.

I can't wait until someone buys DS3 based on this trailer thinking it's a regular ol' action game and is met with the YOU DIED screen for the first time.

nice trailer, shame they decided to waste the first patch on reblanacing weapons instead of fixing the performance issues


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